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As I grow older, I look back and realize how many people I've lost, how much pain I've went through. Growing up sucks.

Hi honey bees! Was out yesterday in the morning to grab some nomnom at McDonalds with Blackalogyyyyy. LOL. I know some of you must be freakin out. Hmm, I hope we're fine now? Spoke things out and I kinda appreciated the whole conversation, at least the tension is gone. So we caught Already Famous subsequently. I'm declaring that, that show bore the hell out of us! It was so draggy. Even though it seemed like we were the only two in the entire cinema who didn't enjoyed the movie. 

Met my gf at Tampines and we collaborated to do some song covers together. Ostensibly.... We failed. Like literally. We spent ages picking the right song to suit the both of us and ended up with shit.

As for boring Tuesday, I stayed at home today. Woke up at 3/4 Madness. With my body clock so screwed, the thoughts of going back to school is 1923819082 times more dreadful. Feel like I've wasted my day every time I get up at this kinda timings...

I didn't really knew how much I loved you until you moved on and started liking someone else.

LUVIN' THE BEANIE, isn't it adorable?!

I don't know if it's me, but all this freakin oil filling the soup... Got me having the runs all night. Jeez.

I'm just afraid that we'd run out of topics to talk one day, you'd get bored of me, you'll start ignoring me... Then have me replaced.

I don't need a perfect relationship, just someone I can be myself and stay comfortable with, have fun, share secrets, no lies, no excuses.

Feels like I'm in Paris or something. *Wish*

If you're looking at some of the pictures at the bottom/top, and pondering why does some of the places look so foreign.... Well, I went on a vacation to Shanghai on the last week of Nov! 

Conclusion: It was pretty horrible. Firstly, the weather varied as the days went by. It got colder and colder... And eventually, I was left with all the clothes that were apparently, unsuitable to withstand the breeeeze yo. It was hell freezin. So I stayed in the hotel most of the days, watching movies and using my laptop. Not forgetting to mention; the suckiest thing ever, China as a communist country blocked all social networking lines. Which I thereafter, officially deduce that I will die without using Twitter, youtube etc. Thank god it was only a week there. Otherwise shoot me, I'll probably pick the Pearl Tower for suicide. Not a bad idea.

Was dismayed by the fact that my trip to US was substituted with stupid SH. Alright, I know I'm somehow psycho-ing you guys into having terrible impressions of that place, but frankly, I admit I'm quite biased. Why?! The people there are so god damn rude and uncivilized. They spit, smoke and shout wherever they want to. I got pushed, kicked, stepped on like a million times when I was out in the malls and streets. I swear I was an inch away from showing them my middle finger and kungfu kick! Nah jk. But seriously, I'm definitely not exaggerating on this. Or maybe a little? He he. 

Anyway worst amongst all, the shopping there was bad due to the season. Feel like crying. My buys were so little! ☹ So it's a wasted trip I suppose! Could have used that one week to do something more useful in SG instead. Swear upon that, I'll never wanna visit that place again. 

Is my daddy cute or what? HAHA.

The food here looks damn gross, but it's like my best meal at SH!! *Drools and Grins

The market is so filthy and smelly.......

So I attended Red Hot Kiss's event at Powerhouse last Friday, it was quite a disappointment.And I travelled to town on saturday to look at some burning hawt dudes! Check em out at the bottom! Anyway, I feel terribly short beside those tall, enormous giants.

As for the past few weeks, chilled around town and Tampines really often. Aside from that, have been doing a lot of research online since lately, longboarding, tweeting, or just having fun experimenting new stuff! Hopefully I'd be catching up with my Muay thai lesson this Thursday! Have been so busy that I neglected it. Gotta start doing some preparation for O's next year as well. Wish we had longer holidays... Impossible.

Alright, guess that's about it! Will blog again soon. Keep smiling everyone!

Some random and overdue pixs.

Say hi to Louissssssss! And just in case you're wondering, we're just friends. Hahaha.

Taken after schoooooool in my ugly uniform. (I got rid of the collars.)

Haters, just bear in mind that when you hate, you're actually giving me more strength and motivation to do better at things.