My Eye Candy.

"Dear boy, you have to simply support her more than I do to have me removed. Sincerely, bra."

Hi darlings, just a really short update. I couldn't bear to see my blog just die off this way after the years of effort I've put in, in blogging.  So I've made up my mind to give random updates every now and then to keep this rusted spot alive. 

Well, as you can see this entire post is filled with lots of love (Yours truly, ME.) He he. I wanted to share some other pictures, but I couldn't finish uploading them... So till next time I guess. 

Anyway, just to update you guys with a little of my life... Have been hanging out really little since recently, and I kept my life entertained with Twitter most of the time. Pretty much addicted to it, even though I was once complaining how boring it was at the beginning... As for school, came back home in the later part of the day yesterday as I was ill... And gave it a miss today. Oh well, sucks to me be.

Alright, just stay tuned for more in the next entry! Don't stop reading! Love xo
Mean while, enjoy my camwhore images. Which includes you too, haters (If you wanna use your 50 cents worth of life to spot my hideous flaws.) So long suckers.

Guys who rubs your hand while holding on to it, kisses your forehead, lifts you up while hugging you, teases you, makes you smile with tears in your eyes, brushes your hair, watch you sleep, write you letters, buy you flowers and never fail to make you happy.