Ordinary Girl.


Grab somebody sexy tell em' hey! WAIT BRB, gotta go find a mirror! 

I'm back to uphold my promise guys! I've no idea why either, but after since I've decided to go back into updating random stuff, it just triggered my enthusiasm for blogging. Well don't fret, I'd still come out with topics every once in a while though. :) 

So just to round off a quick summary of my weekends... I went out with one of my girlfriends yesterday out on shopping date (Or more like a window-shopping date) to Tampines and Bugis!!! Have been ages since we've been out on an actual outing together. And I swear the time we spent, was total awesomeness. Don't you just love those endless and relatable conversations you can ever share with someone? It feels so.... SHIOK. You can literally pour out all your thoughts; be it some joyful stuff or some supa unhappy events. Saying everything without having to consider their impression towards you, because they'd never judge! Best kinda people to h2h with! Luv it. 

So well, we didn't spend much time there though... Main plan of the day was to head to East Coast!!!! YES AH! Rented our bikes and kicked off the evening~ She had her satays, like finally after whining for so long on how much she yearns for em'... While I chew on my Grilled burger I bought earlier on from McDonald's. Bad idea, I had onions! 

Later in the evening, met with a supa irksome event..... Someone collided into me because she was on the wrong lane, which attracted a huge crowd. Thank god the both of us weren't severely injured. Cut the crap, went home after returning our bikes~

I hate those days when I just don't feel like wearing anything in my wardrobe, feeling like a depressed bitch with no clothes to wear.

As for today, I went back to Bugis to get our shoes which we've ordered yesterday! 
ISN'T MY SHOE LIKE DOPE SHIT?! He he, at least to me! & I don't know why I've this crazy fetish for yellow stuff recently. -Random

Anyway, I've got a top there as well... Nothing much really caught my eye. *Sigh* Side note: I really need some serious shopping soon, the sight of my wardrobe is perpetually pestering me for more and new clothes! 

Headed to iluma for dinner before returning home! Done!!!

Back to the old boring line... There's school tomorrow again, supa depressed. Ima turn in soon. Cya xo

The worst part of Sunday is having that constant reminder that pops up in your head telling you the next day is god damn Monday.

YES, it's me. AGAIN.