God gracious, did I just make it sound like we became part of the alien family? Guess so...

Yup, as you can see, the word "Sing gah por liens" was execrably inspired by the original word "Singaporeans" Well, was just trying to exaggerate or emphasize on the point that that is actually how many typical commoners in S'pore pronounce it in the so called "Singlish"way. Okay, that's totally not the point of this entry anyway. Let's move on...

Before you make any judgements or decide to give any criticisms, please note that I'm just voicing out my opinions. Whether you agree to what I say or not, it's your god damn problem. 

Anyway, since this is the "Singaporean" post, I'm gonna share more quotes from @SoSingaporean from Twitter, instead of my own. Love them. 

"That person hair so long, no money cut hair?!"

Have you ever wonder why you're born in such a fucked up country OR often grateful of the fact that you're here instead? Which one comes to your mind more frequently when the word "Singapore" hits you? Yea, I believe many adults/elderlies love the way it is here, ascribed to it being named after a "Clean, green and safe city." (Though I don't see how clean it can get when people like me likes to litter :P Nor how safe it is with young "gangsters" going around with their wannabe-kungfu-warrior weapons, chopping the innocents these days.) Like damn cocked up already lor the people. It's like marjority here are fucking judgmental (Ya, I know it includes every single human living on earth) but look... It's like everything you wear, everything you do, everything you say, there's sure to be SOME KAYPO ASS that enjoys watching your every move like some fucking private investigator..... Sometimes, I just wish I could slap them in the face, and ask them "WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM?!?!?!!?" Seriously, I betcha guys have all faced it before, ain't it?

"Eh go that table, that table cleaner. Faster faster go chop!"

As majority of you know, over the past few years, getting tattoos and having facial/body piercings are becoming even more common, it's almost as typical as how singaporeans are. Some people get them due to the pressure their peers apply on them, hoping to fit in with the trend. You know the.... "My friend have, I also wanna have." thingy? Yea. Whereas, some others have them because they wanna be so called, "cool" or prolly because they think getting it makes them feel secure, because people would be "afraid" of them. However, it's a pity to those who just find it an art, not like any of the above. 

"Don't stare lah, I say first hor, later you kena whack, don't ask me save you!"

Well, problems are...
 1) You'd be seen as a so called "Ah beng/ Ah lian"
2) People who are unfamiliar with your story would misinterpret your character = impression ruined.
3) As a result of the second, more gossips/insults/comments. (Aiya, but I admit some weird morons likes this kinda BAD attention though.)
4) Become notorious lor. 

There are definitely more but I'm too lazy to list them all down. 
Anyway, the main objective is, in Singapore, getting all these compared to any caucasians having them is like a whole wide difference. Take a look below.....

When the caucasians have them, it's like "WOW, awesome" .... "Cool!" ...... blablabla.

BUT when we have them in Singapore? All the nosy parkers would start disparaging them. Isn't it unfair? Yea whatever, I'm pretty sure there would be some traditional "mountain tortoise" who would start wrangling with me... Different culture? Come on man, what's wrong with having tattoos or piercings? Even if it harms their body, it's their own repercussions they'd have to bear. Producing those impertinent remarks when it's none of your business. Freedom of speech? Bullshit, whenever those "negative" stuff happens on someone you like or yourself, you'd be really defensive or probably your mouth would be sealed. When it happens to someone you dislike or don't know... WOW, you totally screw the hell out of them. 

I feel that we all have our own rights in doing what we wish to and whatever we like. Of course, not inclusive of having to go against your parent's will if you're still under their guidance. 

Alright, the following pictures are gathered from a group of really kind people who helped me complete this entry. So please refrain from giving any destructive comments if there's any. (Remember your verdict toward's someone character is never based their appearance!)

Next.... names?

Do you realize how many comments we get by calling each other those "intimate" names (as claimed to be)? Addressing someone of the opposite sex by, "Dear/baby/honey/darling." etc and you'd get the whole world turning their backs against you. They'd be like, "So flirt sia."/"Eh that person call me baby, means like me ah?" and stuff. You know how weird these people mindsets can get? Worst, sometimes giving a "♥" might cause a huge state of confusion to the person receiving it and loads of misunderstandings thereafter. 

What's the matter? Sometimes, you just take that person as someone who means a lot to you or maybe someone you really adore. It's not just for lovers alone to call each other, right? Makes sense? It's just a matter of how you put it. Of course if someone's out to flirt with you and toy you, then I would say, fuck that person in the mouth. Nah just kidding, but well, that's simply not the case. It's pretty common to do things like, kiss a friend goodbye, bid farewell with a hug and stuff in the states. Whereas, all eyes on you if you're doing it to someone you barely even know or on a first date.


When a girl reveals a little part of her chest/stomach/leg, those conservative narrow-minded freaks will be like, "WA THAT GIRL WEAR UNTIL LIKE THAT, SO SLUTTY." Then parents will be like, "Don't ever dress this way when you're out alone, later got those lao tiko rape you." If it's my mom, she'd go on and on till the world ends. Funny how parents can get so paranoid, worked up and their imaginations can run really wild when things like this happens. Otherwise, nearly everywhere you head to, you'd see a bunch of people scanning you from head to toe as if you just arrived from Mars or something. I guess from the comments I received etc from what I tweeted and wrote on facebook, I conclude many people actually experienced this before. Who likes it right? It's so disturbing till sometimes, I really feel like going forward and ask them what exactly are they thinking. Obviously I didn't, imagine if they go like, "Who the hell was looking at you, b*tch?!" That would be reallyyyyy awkward. And sometimes, due to some plain childish jealousy, people cause some unnecessary tension between everyone. Which, is stupid. Because best friends can suddenly turn into overnight enemies for no god damn valid reason. 

As for the guys, similarly, when guys wears on really ugly clothing (hairstyle too) these days, they get judged terribly as well, All the Korean/Caucasian inspired dressing style has been known as the "Ah beng trend" here instead. Biased much. Well, I wouldn't deny there are people who really tries hard to fit in with the trend even though have no sense of awareness how hideous they look and ends up failing like a total idiot. (Oops sorry for the comment) He he, but really la, I hate it when guys who don't know how to style their hair nicely especially when they wanna keep it long. Some looks like some horrifying lion-possessed human, whereas some looks as if they had a freakin mop above their head. 

BUT HEY! Come on, we should really stop this thing on assuming one's personality just by the way their appearance are. Seriously, those who looks really innocent and harmless on the outside might unexpectedly turn out to be some big time bitch or jerk. On the contrary, those who looks ugly, mean and omg-I-swear-you're-the-worst-person-I-ever-met might be someone that sticks with you thru all the hard time instead.

Hence... Whatever it is, Singaporeans should learn to be more objective and less critical.

Alright, enough of the lengthy post, I'd be continuing this post in time to come. :) Do stay tuned readers!
Feel free to share your opinions and tell me what more you'd like to hear from my upcoming post, but please, as I mentioned it's my personal viewpoints in this entire post, so for god's sake, I'm not looking forward for any debates to occur. 

Shall let the pictures flowwww now. Pictures are taken from February-Mid May this year.
(Pixs from Mid may onwards will be posted in my following entry!)

"It's okay if you don't wanna tell me the truth. But sorry, that doesn't mean I allow you to lie."

Hehe, if you guys are wondering.. I'm here to clear your doubt, I drew this! It's not a tattoo.


LOL, a random kid on the street wondering around... *Where's mommy! :(* HEHE.


4eva cute ah this boy. HAHAHA.

LOOK at my sexayye plaits! Credits to Chowlinnnnn baby.

Lufffyyyy in the midst of his break dance! So hawt. *Sparkly eyes*



*Feeling harassed like I'm being stalked by some paparazzi.* Likea star. HAHAHA. *Dreams*

Ah, my nails are chipped... So unappealing. HAHAHA.


"I like it when I don't have to say a word, I just gotta look at someone and they know exactly what I'm thinking."

EPIC gay shot.

Bee hoon feast! Yum yum nom nom!

WTF, I look like some fucking tai tai eating bee hoon. 


HAHAHA, there was another shot.... But I decided to put this up instead. The other was too obscene. LOL.

Eyes like goldfish, cheeks like fishballs. HAHA.

TAYLOR SWIFT 2011 speak now concert tour! I swear she's awesome. 

Lucky girl.... :')

In life, there's always gonna be people who likes you and people who loathes you, despite how "perfect" you are. We can never please everyone. There will always be people trying to bring you down whereas some who just likes to patronize you. We like to judge people but none of us like being judged, this is how things work; Expect less and learn to accept more.