Ladykiller, soul taker.

"Girls have fickle minds, guys have fickle hearts."

Well, reason why I'm taking like a decade to update this time isn't because I'm lazy. It's just that I'm working on a new topic, and I'm in desperate need to take pictures for that post, I haven't been able to do so. Hence, do bear with me dear readers. I promise the I won't disappoint you guys in my following post.

And please please please stop asking me stupid questions on my Formspring like e.g "Why do humans walk instead of flying?" I mean like how you expect me to answer these sorta can't-be-answered-questions. I'm ain't no scientist. God. Will reply the rest asap, and refrain from asking questions which I've already answered. I've been taking the time to reply repeated questions, so take the effort to read my older replies as well instead of telling me you're lazy, cos I am as well after repeating them uncountable times. Thanks, I'll appreciate it. Anyway, I don't know what the fuck is wrong with blogger man, it doesn't allow all my entries to be shown. So yea, don't be surprised if you can't find all my archives... Changing my blog skin pretty soon.

 Love you guys. Peace. xoxo
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To the passerby who wanted an image of me w/o my fringe. LOL.
Fyi, I dyed my hair black + permed it and I closed my labret. He he.

Pretty?! Brendan bought it for me!!!!! So sweet right. He he.

X'mas eve ♥ (PS: No New year pixs, didn't take any! Spent it @ Scape)
Stupid, I wasn't even ready la, see so unglam!!! *Sobs*
Look at how naise my bbg is, "sayangs" me with spray!!!!!!  
Looks like I've got huge amount of dandruff of something right!!! Eeyer.
Tsktsk, so many inconsiderate citizens. Litter litter!!

"I loved this guy. His name is called sweet talker. He was a jerk, a liar, he set my heart on fire. Then I found out his real name was actually heart breaker. Gave him my all, got played like a ball. Should have known he's second name was motherfucker. (Moral of the quote: Know someone well before you allow that person to steal your heart away.)"