Tokyo Part 2


Hmm, I haven't thought of anything to fill up the spaces yet. Cos I'm like dead beat right now, after staying up over the past three nights. So prolly I will tmr or someday. And I'm too lazy to check for spelling errors today, make do with the pixs alone for the moment. Anyway, I didn't manage to say everything I wanted to in this post but I kinda thought what I've written could strain your eyes to death already so I'm gonna be a kind soul this time. He he he. Alright, peace out. xoxo

Ok, a short video which I collaged thru out the trip. Not much, I was pretty lazy to add in everything. He he. And please don't blame me for the kuku quality, it's not my camcorder's fault, it's youtube's problem! It always does that to my videos, sad...

"Nobody likes the attention to be shared. No one likes to be left out. No one likes the feeling of being alone. And no one likes it when everybody's laughing without you, whispering in each others ears and you're totally ignorant of what's going on, going on a date without you."