When you were a kid you just wish to weep the entire day off hoping that your mom would prolly just come forward, hold you up in her arms and tell you "Baby, don't cry, mommy's here." That's what kids do all the time for attention.

And whenever we yearn for a toy, most moms would definitely do their best to satisfy the needs of their child. They do whatever it takes, even to skip their meals to see a smile on their child's face. Ah, the most annoying part is when we start to pout and give that sulky face + dreamy looking eyes... You know they'd just surrender to us after listening to our ear piercing whines.

But what happens as we grow older? Teenagers are getting more rebellious these days. It's like, "What sia, she doesn't want me to do, I purposely want to show her I can!" That kinda self-centered attitude.

Most of us would have thought this way at some point of our lives: "I feel that my mom is like a definite bloody annoying asshole, a cretin cock-head amongst all other moms on this planet earth. In fact, at this critical moment, I should officially declare my entire dubiety of the fact that she's prolly not my biological mom.

She can't be, certainly not. Nothing in any tiny atom of my entire body bears any similarity to an iota of any little bit of her. It's really frustrating and absurd whenever someone claims that we actually look alike?! Like hey, excuse me, but we actually DON'T, thank you. And I should be most aware of that fact bcos I've been looking at her same old face since the day I'm brought to this world, and fyi, I do have a mirror; which I've looked in, and I've so NOT seen any resemblance.

If I ever do see that hideousness, someone please kindly drown me immediately in the nearest collection of deep water. I would honestly be grateful for that act of mercy. Then you'd go like, fuck, why is life so unfair? Why can't I have my mother like blablabla's."

 You know that sorta feeling? Betcha guys have at least felt it once in your entire teenage life. Well, of course I don't curse my mom all the time. I'd feel guilty about it. I don't wanna look for shelters every time I see lightnings..... Why shouldn't we do this? Read on...

Oh man, just admit it, who likes being scolded, nagged at, yelled at, demanded to do this and that as if you were born to slave or something right? Who doesn't hate it when your mom just doesn't understand you no matter how hard you try to explain, she still insists that she does?

Who likes it when your mom shouts at you in front of everyone else as if she's oblivious to the crowd, making you feel like you've grown two huge, red apples on your cheeks and you just wish you could dive right into a hole right away. (Cos frankly, I hate it when my mom actually shouts in public, want shout go home shout, it's your house, people have eyes!!!)

Who doesn't wish your mom could just vanish into thin air immediately when you stayed up all night planning on an outing and her sudden response made you remember the existence of the word "N.O, NO." Smashing all your hopes and driving you insane. And who the hell likes it when your mom is being god damn unreasonable, when all you wanted was to try and fight for your own rights/ talk some sense out of her by kindly explaining, and she claims that you're trying to "talk back" ; retaliate. So damn innocent.

Remember, who was the one who made your day when you cried all day long. Who was the one who forked out the extra time and go an extra mile just to make you happy. Who was the one who tolerated when you repeated the same old line on how you wanted to buy your favourite toy? If she nags, she wants the best out of you.

If she rejects you, she doesn't want to spoil you. If she shouts, it proves that she cares for you. If she hits you, take it as a lesson learnt for not behaving. If she doesn't trust you, question yourself if you are worth the trust first. If she doesn't understand you, please take the time to explain to her. If she doesn't listen, of course don't talk to her when she's angry la! That's stupid... Be patient.

 I believe that all mothers would still love their child no matter rain or shine, otherwise they would have just dumped you into some orphanage or prolly worse, killed you before you even seen the world, instead of suffering that 9 months of pain. If you think that your mother doesn't love you, spare her that few minutes or seconds to take a second thought.

Think of how fortunate you are to be in this world with a mom when some other kids can't even get to enjoy this luxury. Be happy for what you have and not dwell on what you don't. At the end of the day, no matter what she did, be forgiving and remind yourself of all the hardship she has gone through to nurture you.


Okay, I know it's not Mother's day or something, I'm just dedicating this post to a friend of mine who always thinks the worst of his mom. And his mom spoke to me last night, and I could feel how terribly broken she was at that moment. So I decided to waste use (It's only a waste if I wrote this and you still don't get my intentions) my time to write this super long entry-cum-essay! May have bore you guys out, but well, you could have chosen not to read!!!! So don't blame me. He he he.