5 Reasons Why You Can't Move On Even Though You Should

Sometimes, it's just so hard to move on. Yes, it feels miserable with him, but it feels even more miserable without.

1) Giving up on everything when he's in your life.

I guess this is the biggest mistake most of us tend to make. We literally give up on everything for the person we love. Our social life, our family, school, work, even the things we love doing... And the list goes on.

Whenever there's free time, he pops into your head immediately. You don't even think twice, you just want to spend every single moment with him. 


Don't give up everything for him just because at one point, you think he's everything to you. Because when he leaves, you're left with nothing.

The issue with most of us these days is that we get so overly attached to who we are dating, and we feel uncomfortable even if we haven't seen them for just a day.

It's important to always make time for yourself and other things in life. He can still be your priority, but don't ditch everything for him. If you've plans with your friends, go. If you wish to spend time with people, do so. 

2) You're stuck with the idea that you'll never find another guy like him.

Just because he was great, it doesn't mean you can't find someone better. Stop holding on to that thought and stop convincing yourself that no other guy in this world would possess similar/even better qualities.

Remember, you guys broke up for a reason. If it didn't work out with him, what makes you think another guy like him would?!

You will find someone who suits you better eventually.

3) You miss the way he made you feel.

Do you miss him or do you miss the way he made you feel? These are two completely different things, so don't get yourself confused!

You miss being treated with affection, being wanted and needed.

Thing is, just like trying to quit your coffee habit, you may feel weird without your daily fix for awhile - But you'll eventually adapt and get used to it.

Don't try to fill that void by getting a rebound. Instead, focus on bettering yourself. You probably once relied on him to feel good about yourself, now it's time to love yourself without him. Surround yourself with positive friends and start doing things you love again!

Don't take it like it's the end of the world, take it like it's finally time for you to pamper yourself again :) 

4) You think you're unworthy.

Stop thinking that way! I don't know how else can I emphasise on this, but don't put the blame on yourself for his departure/the breakup. Sometimes, some people are just not meant to be together so don't be too hard on yourself.

5) You think you're never gonna love someone else the same way because you're so in(l̶o̶v̶e̶)fatuated with him.

Many a time, you don't really feel great about yourself until this guy starts showing crazy interest in you. You think that "wow I'm finally wanted." And that makes you feel great about yourself so you start clinging on to this unrealistic image of him, thinking he's so perfect and it's such a dream come true that he actually likes you!

Which is bad! Cos even if he's toxic, you would continue to keep him around because you're afraid to lose him (or this feeling). And soon you'd start to notice that you're so obsessed with the idea of him being around, cos "what if nobody else likes me the same way he does?" 

You don't love him dear, you're just infatuated.

Don't depend on someone else's love and validation to find love within yourself. You can't love someone else until you learn to love yourself.

I've been through this so many times and I definitely understand how hard it is to move on from someone who once meant the world to you, but honestly, have you looked back on a breakup and thought to yourself how great your life is right now? Time could really heal all wounds if you allow it to.

Breakups are common, heartaches are inevitable. Just know that these regrets and mistakes will make you into a better and stronger person.

What's meant to be will be. <3