I guess if there's one feeling in this world I enjoy the most, it's the overwhelming amount of happiness that rushes through my veins whenever I get to meet my readers (or supporters) and have the ability to make them happy in ways I can never imagine, with their eyes smiling from their cheeks. Thanks to the Sunsilk Hair Hunt last weekend, I got to meet and interact with a handful of you.

It's funny how up till this day, it still puzzles me why people would read my blog, follow me and even care about my existence. I remember the very first time I was approached for a photo in late 2011, and back then, I was like "You want a photo with who? ME?!" Of course, I don't respond in such a creepy manner anymore but I still feel unworthy. I'm human, you guys are as well, that makes us equal right? :p

Summary of what the Sunsilk Hair Hunt party was about - Basically I was hidden in a part of Mandarin Gallery and along with some clues I provided, my followers had to guess my exact location. Eventually, the first person who found me won a pair of tickets to Hong Kong! Felt really guilty about the rest who participated, but at least they were compensated with a huge bag of Sunsilk goodies and had a free hair blowout from PREP Salon with Sunsilk products!

As you can see in the pictures below, I had lots of fun that day!

See that beautiful braid that the PREP stylist created for me? It looks ultra sleek because of the Sunsilk Nourishing Soft and Smooth Oil Spray that was applied earlier to smoothen out my hair.

It was an amazing year as a Sunsilk ambassador and this mini-party was a great way to ending this journey with a bang. Besides the awesome cupcakes and getting to meet y'all, I'm just grateful to be a part of Sunsilk! Thank you, Sunsilk for the opportunity to be your Ambassador. :)