Cat Inspired Makeup and Hairdo for Halloween.

Hey darlings! Honestly speaking, I've never experienced dressing up for Halloween in my entire life and I guess this year isn't an exception, but in spirit of occasion, I decided to share with you guys my all time favourite cat-inspired makeup and hairdo - Suitable for both, short and long hair.

First, wash and condition your hair - Not only is it important to keep you hair fresh and tamed, but you'd want your tresses to smell good! Unless... you don't? :p I've been using the Sunsilk Co-creations (Nourishing soft) shampoo and conditioner for the longest time.

Before you begin, all you'd need are two fuzzy wires (you can choose any colour or something close to your hair colour), two hair ties (optional) and 4 bobby pins. For the fuzzy wires, I got a packet of 15 (15mm in thickness and 30 cm in length) from Art Friend for around $5.00

Trim it to your desired length and make sure it's neither too long nor too short.

Next up, blow-dry your hair, brush through thoroughly to prevent any knots. Start by sectioning your hair into two! At this point, you can choose to apply some hairspray to hold your hair in, but I'm skipping that step in this case. As my fringe is relatively long, I'm using the front part of my hair to create this look. If you've short bangs, an alternative would be to grab your hair from the middle portion instead.

Once you're satisfied with the parting, place the wire on that portion of hair and fasten it with a bobby pin. You can use more if you wish.

Part one side of the two sections into 3 and start braiding! If you've no idea how to braid watch how to do so (here)

You can first secure it with a hair tie or just pin it down right away like I did. The lazy people's method hahaha. Lastly, just bend it accordingly and make sure that the ends are as pointy as possible! Repeat the same for the other side. :D

Here are just some simple steps to the makeup!
  1. Apply your usual make up (foundation, powder, brows)
  2. Put on some black/brown eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyelids, white on the inner-corners and underline your bottom lash-line with purple eyeshadow.
  3. Draw on your eyeliner as per-normal first, followed by your crease, extending the outer-end upwards to create an exaggerated wing and the inner-end down to the inner-corner of your eye.
  4. Draw on your cat whiskers!
  5. Create an inverted triangle on the tip of your nose, first by outlining it, then shading the inner portion.
  6. Apply red lipstick/liptint.
  7. Outline the shape of your lips with black eyeliner.
  8. Don't forget your coloured contact lenses if you want your eyes to stand out!

The liquid eyeliner I'm using here is from 1028 Magic - Really long lasting and it's waterproof with sharp and soft tips. Get something similar to this with a fine tip so that it makes it a lot easier to draw the lines.

Eyeshadow - Naked palette 1 and 3. Virgin, Blackout and Darkside.

Liptint - Benefit cosmetics.

Contacts lens - "Magic Brown" from Maxi Eyes.

TADA! You're done! :)

Hope it's not too complicated. Happy Halloween in advance :) Comment in the comments section and tell me what hairstyle and makeup you'd be doing for this Halloween!