Update on my life

Hey guys!!! Today has gotta be my happiest day of 2014 because I've finally completed my new blog skin and set up my very own domain after nearly 2 months! Hip hip hooray! Well, this explains why I haven't really been updating regularly as I wanted to focus on shifting my page away from blogger to my own domain, as well to work on my design. Now that I've finally stopped using Blogger, I just wanna rant about how much I hated it. It has given me so many problems with my posts etc over the last few years. I've lost several blog posts previously because of its poorly designed functions as well. Not to mention, I spent USD239 on this domain because of some asshole person X who bought my domain just so that he could sell it to me at such a ridiculous price. Call me dumb, but I thought it was something worth investing in, besides, I couldn't wait till the day person X wakes up and decides to stop being an asshole. Just wanna mention that these aren't my own assumptions, someone who knew person X kindly informed me about it. Since I'm in an extremely good mood, I'm just gonna chuck this aside.  

That being said, I really hope you guys like it!

Please do take some time to browse through my page as I put in quite a lot of effort for every section. As you can see, under the "Contact" tab, I've actually set up my own P.O box where you guys could mail me things; letters, gifts etc. Just don't send me death threats or an annabelle doll. Hahahaha. Do try to leave your name so that I could tag you if I were to share them on my social platforms, I'll check them once in awhile :)

Anyway, there are still more stuff coming your way, especially MY NEW MERCHANDISE!!! Some of you might be aware that I used to own a webstore when I was younger, selling pre-loved items and it was doing really well, just that I got really lazy eventually :p And I've always wanted to have my own store again, but instead of selling things that you can easily find else where, I thought why not come up with my own merch? So I'll be collaborating with my designer and coming up with Tshirts, Tanks and maybe more stuff along the way. Of course, the designs wouldn't be like an image of my huge ass face printed on the items... Unless you want it? ;) Lol kidding. I'm still in the midst of sorting everything and if you've anything you'd like me to sell, do leave a comment and I'll see if I could work something out.

I'd be pretty busy for the next couple of weeks as my exams are round the corner and there are a number of really exciting things lined up for my YouTube Channel in the next two months.

I'll still try my best to update this space as much as I could, but do bear with me! Meanwhile, feel free to navigate and explore my new design. Tell me how you feel about it, and share it if you like it! ;)

P/s Just wanna thank you guys for all the constant support; I've finally reached the 100k milestone on Twitter, and I'm just 5 thousand more subscribers away on YouTube. I love you so much! xoxo