Journey to Perth (Day 3)

The air was as fresh as snow, stepping out of the house this morning wishing I could spend the rest of my days here. Took a short drive to the well-known Subiacco Markets in Perth. Well, like they always say, early birds get the worm, but unfortunately, considering how late the 4 of us stayed up till last night, we only get... Closing stores, no worms :(

Actually, it wasn't that bad, at least there were some food stores left opened, and were able to grab some omelette, rosti and burger. Didn't take us long before we departed for our next location, Harbour Town. SHOPPING TIME!!!

Bought a crazy load of stuff despite it being the first day where we finally put our money into "good use" (our cash from the past two days were literally spent on survival purposes), and which is why I'm still considering if I should do a haul when I'm back.

Came back pretty early today to catch up on the sleep I've been deprived of and I'm currently waiting for the guys to be done with the preparation of dinner while filling up this space. Hahaha.

What's new... Dan and his FOOOOOOD, as always.

Some bromance going on here.

Say hi to the grumpy sheep.

*Inserts deep caption about flowers*

Fremantle tomorrow! Hopefully I could find some interesting stuff to share tomorrow. Till then!