Journey to Perth (Day 4)

Can't believe nearly half the trip is gone, and in no time I'll be back in S'pore. Well, at least there's one thing to look forward to, which is lower expenses! The cost of living in Perth is actually really high, the four of us spent more than a thousand AUD in just four days. Cray! It's funny how Singaporeans complain about how expensive things are there, when the stuff here could easily cost twice or thrice more.

Anyway, as mentioned in my previous post, made a trip to West Perth, Fremantle Markets this morning. In a sea of people, the fresh aroma of coffee and toast effortlessly made its way through and gave me a wake up call. Had a really good and quick bite at one of the stalls and walked along the streets for some mini-shopping.

We also drove to Hay street to check more stuff out. There's never too much of shopping right? Oh, Hao and I actually met some Australian followers, it was pretty cool haha.

Alright, I'd let the pictures do the talking now :)

Dinner tonight cost us nearly 200 SGD. All of a sudden, Astons seem like a much better choice than this.

I'm sorry xiao sheep. Hehe

 Ciao~ Hope you guys had a great day today.