Long or short hair?

So many of you have been asking me lately...


And to finally answer this questions, yes I did. Haha.

For those of you who aren't aware, I posted this picture on Instagram about three weeks ago.

As you can see, I mentioned that I snipped off more than half of my hair. However, it became long again the following day. Thought it was kinda funny to confuse you guys so I didn't explain why :p Haha, kidding. It was mainly because I was out almost everyday since my school hols started, and haven't been able to find the time to talk about this and I thought I give it a few weeks before I see how my hair would turn out to be!

Most of you should know by now, I dyed my hair really often last year. And yes, no matter how healthy someone's hair is, it'll eventually cause breakage and severe damages to your hair. By the time you realise, you'd probably have to shave it all off! Boo hoo. Protect your hair guys, you don't wanna end up regretting like how I did.

Here are some pictures of my freshly cut hair by @Jaime, my hairstylist at Salon Vim, Bugis.

So anyway, the 3 reasons why I decided to cut my hair off (Fun fact: I've never had short hair before, besides when I was a kid):

1) In hope that my healthy hair would eventually grow out again.
2) I really miss having super long hair, and because I had blue ends previously, I had to cut them off in order to... EXTEND IT.
3) YOLO if that's how you use it.

Hence, right after my haircut, I went over to Milly's at Far East Plaza to put on hair extensions! 

Just to provide a little more information on their hair extension services... They've a variety of extensions to choose from, in terms of colours, texture and style. I like how they even come in ombre-colours! That would be great in case you'd wish to experiment something new. If you're really new to these fun colours, and aren't comfortable with dyeing your hair, you might wanna try on their clip-on extensions!

Milly's offers 100% real human hair with quality and volume. Cost $100 Dollars for the first 200 Strands, and subsequently $1 per strand.

Figure out whether you're there to extend the length of your hair, add some volume, or to play around with some colours, and you can start off by picking the kind of hair (straight/curly) and colour of your own preference. (If you're uncertain, they'll assist you and pick one that best suits/blends with your hair.)

I allowed them to decide on the colour on my behalf. And since my hair had several tones to it, varying from light to dark brown and a little tinge red, they picked three similar colours to ensure that they look as close to my natural hair as possible since I'm not really familiar.

Since my hair's pretty thick, I guess I had more than 400 strands on and everything was done within 3-4 hours. They'd help you trim it to your desired length if they end up too long as well. 

I must say... I love the end results! 

Is it recommended?

I first tried on hair extensions when I was 12. (Haha yeah I was already god damn vain since young.) Therefore, it's not much of an issue nor hassle for me. It does feel slightly uncomfortable initially, especially cos I've tons of it on, but it's fine if it's just a couple of strands. You'd most likely get used to them within a week or less when they start loosening up a little, after a few washes.

Washes? Yeah, you can definitely still wash your hair as per normal.

Perks of Milly's hair extensions:

1) Unlike many fake extensions where the hair's made of nylon or other weird, shiny material, Milly's uses 100% real human hair. Hence, you can still straighten/curl and dye it.

2) Another perk is that even though it's the 3rd week now, all the strands are still intact, and I've yet to witness much of a hair loss. They can actually last up to 6 months or slightly more if you are to take good care of them!

3) They still remain as soft and smooth as when I first had them on, hence, extremely manageable.


1) So far, I'm really satisfied with everything on the whole. The only problem I face is that, my hair does itch up once in awhile. Which, I completely understand, is inevitable, because I've so many strands of fake hair on. However, it can be solved by washing it. It's fine right after I shower.

2) It might be a bit of a problem if you happen to do like... E.g 250 strands, cos then it'd cost $150. However, $200 if you were to do 400 strands instead. So that's highly dependent on what each individual prefers and the thickness of one's hair as well.

3) The knots where the extensions are attached to your hair, might be a little difficult to hide when you wish to tie your hair. Of course, again, that's if you have as many strands as I do. A solution would be to get the clip-on ones instead, and you can still go back to your original hair length on days you feel bored!

I'd definitely do it again, because I just love having long, luscious hair and honestly speaking, the cons to me are really minor problems that I could easily resolve, so I'd also recommend you guys to try!

If you already have long/thick hair, play around with some colours! You can always have them removed if you dislike them.

Alright, that's about it! Here are some pictures of my hair :) Taken 2 weeks after extending.

I bet you could hardly tell it's fake!!! Hehe :p 

Book an apt now at 6737 6723 / 8383 5395 (FEP) 11am - 10pm
6338 4137 (Bugis Village) 12pm - 10pm

(Mon - Sun) (Inclusive of Public Holidays)

OR email them at Ask@millys.org today!