Fred's 24th

As you can read from the title, it was Freda's Birthday yesterday, and many of us got together to celebrate this joyous occassion with her. In case you don't have a clue who Fred is... Here's a short introduction. (Hahaha she's so gonna hate me when she sees this)

Let's take a walk down memory lane... I gotta know her back in 2012, so it was approximately 2 years since. She was the person who brought me into Gushcloud, where I was then exposed to all kinds of people, really cool people. She's my manager, my really good friend, and probably an older sister I never had. Even though we're both really busy, considering how much of a workaholic this lady is, she would always squeeze some time out of her busy schedule for me, and this is absolutely priceless. She's one person I give my utmost respect to, because she taught me so much and has always been there to guide me as I grow. 

 Most of you should know by now that I'm the only child in my family, and it does cross my mind several times, "How does it feel like to have an elder sibling?" Well, she answers that question. I've never felt so connected with someone before, and I'm really glad to have met Fred. As a person, or as a friend, she's someone I really value, someone I know would never ever walk out on me even if everyone else does. 

Her shortcomings are what make her perfect. She's annoying and super naggy sometimes, but those are the small little gestures that allow me to realise how much I mean to her as well.

Thanks Fred, love you. (Don't get goosebumps or start tearing up pls. I know I'm very sweet, thanks. Hehe)


 So anyway, we had dinner at this really decent, French restaurant, La Nonna, located at Namly Place. It is pretty isolated and the vicinity of it does give me the creeps, I'd probably freak myself out if I lived there and had to walk back home alone in the night. 

Besides that, the food was really good and I'd say it's an ideal place to bring someone to, if you're out on a date and looking for a quiet place, with relatively affordable dishes.

Alright, I'll let the pictures do the talking now. (⬇︎ I'm sorry Fai, I just had to do this :p)