Sunsilk Pop-up Salon

Spent my previous Saturday at the Sunsilk Pop-up salon held in Bugis+. Something I long anticipated for!

Honestly, I was getting cold feet before the event cos...
1) I'm really bad with crowds.
2) I love styling my own hair, and hardly face any difficulties doing so, but it's not the case when I've to do it for someone else.

It came to my surprise that everything actually went pretty smoothly after all.

It was an interesting experience and what I was most amazed with was how meticulous these hairstylists were with each person's hair. Despite the overwhelming crowd, they all remained composed.

Getting my hair styled before I went on to style the 5 winners' hair!

Just look at how terrible the condition of my hair is... Could've easily been worse if it wasn't for the Sunsilk leave-on conditioner I've been using diligently over the past 2 weeks.

Didn't want anything too fanciful, so I decided on a simple ponytail along with some volume and curls.

Even this little girl attended the event to get her hair done. How cute.

Was a rare opportunity which allowed me to learn many new things about our hair. To name one - You can conduct a simple test on your own to find out if your hair's damaged! Run your fingers through your hair, if you feel any tangles... Your hair's most likely spoilt!

I'm really grateful as well to be able to meet some of my loveliest followers or readers, and style some of their hair. Made me really insecure about my severely damaged hair though! Out of the 5 hairs I styled, 5 of the winners had really smooth and long hair. Life is so unfair.

Really enjoyed myself! If you're feeling experimental, and wish to get a nice hair makeover... You could still be able to enjoy a free hairstyling session from now till the end of March! 

Locations and dates to mark on your calendar! 
20th - 23rd Feb - Jcube
13th - 16th March - Somerset 313
20th – 23rd March - Toa Payoh Hub

Do share your pictures on Instagram and hashtag #Sunsilkgoodtimes if you happen to get your hair styled! I'd love to see them. Have a great week ahead!