If there's anything I hate most, it'd definitely be hypocrisy. 


I trust people too damn easily. I don't really have much control over it, I just do, and by the time I could discover what a fool I am? It's too late - The damage is done.

Have you been in this position where you think that, "Life is great." And next thing you know? The people you thought (or kinda wish) could have contributed to this statement, decide to f*ck up, making you come to your senses on how your life isn't that perfect after all.

Isn't it funny how when it involves love (romantically or not), you could easily give all that you have without second thoughts, you lie to yourself and believe in lies, do the silliest things for certain people, and cry over the people who worth the least of your tears - And often knowing that it's gonna hurt, we continue to stay, and convince ourselves that we're okay.

I'm so sick of listening to people go all like, "I'll never lie to you." Oh yeah, reminds me of how that's probably the biggest lie one could ever tell.

It can easily take up to years before one's able to gain someone's trust entirely, but it only takes a split second to destroy someone's trust in you.

We all probably already know that, but people still choose to lie.

Coming back to my point about mendacious people.

You know, I'm absolutely cool with people disliking me, or people who don't have my best interests at heart, but don't ever put up a false front and act like you do when you don't at all.

I don't get it? Why pretend to like someone when you don't?

If you're working with someone, and sorta forced to put all personal grudges aside... That, I understand. However, in this case, I'm talking about those people who deliberately get close to you, go the extra mile to make you believe that they truly care, then talk shit behind your back.

Hey, you know what? I'd love to say something to you with utmost sincerity - FUCK YOU.

I would list down every synonym in the dictionary that describes how deceitful you are, but then again, that's probably too few to prove my point.

I'm not sure if I'm more angry or disappointed, or perhaps both - To actually believe that some people actually care for me from the bottom of their heart, to think that I actually mean something to them, and to find out it's just my own wishful thinking... I feel wretched.

All you ever cared for was yourself.