Finally made a trip to Salon Vim, after weeks of procrastination. Sat in their Bugis outlet for more than 5 hours because of how tough it was to get rid of my red pigments. Bleaching, and more bleaching. RIP hair, I love you.

Thought you guys are probably familiar with the entire process by now, the usual bleaching, washing and dyeing. So I'm not gonna go in depth on that. 

The top part is actually Electric Blue, and the bottom would eventually fade into a light shade of grey/platinum blonde colour. You can see a few purple streaks, (which are a little more obvious now after a few washes) cos of my previous red pigments that have combined with the blue.

Guess I was hoping to be like Queen Elsa... Hahahaha kidding, so far from it. She doesn't have blue hair, but I must admit I had the inspiration after watching Frozen.

Alright, picture time! 

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Do contact my hairstylist Jamie Seah and quote my name for 10% off :) Time to pamper your hair before CNY and V's Day!

P/s Birthday in 5 days... Perhaps something new too. Wondering what I'm talking about? Stay tuned! ;)