Blessed birthday


Never have I felt this way before. Personally, I always feel that there's a huge difference between feeling happy and feeling blessed - Needless to say, I feel extremely fortunate for the existence of certain people in my life at the moment.

I'm pretty sure it's not new to you guys that I'm not a really happy person - Mainly because I dwell on useless things pretty god damn often, and I tend to think the worst of things due to my past experiences. Small little things could affect me the entire day, especially if it's an issue related to someone important to me... I don't know if happy is the right word though, cos the irony is... I'm usually in a really buoyant mood, but I can easily get emotional out of nowhere as well.

Well, that's not the point anyway... Cos I think I'm a much happier person now compared to how I was one-two years back. Even my close friends agree.

I guess it's partly because my priorities have changed, and also how I've learnt to focus on the right people.


I honestly never had a really memorable Birthday ever since I became a teen... I used to think having a party with a huge group of friends and receiving a ton of gifts would define what a perfect Birthday would be. I guess I was proven wrong this time.

Many would wanna party the night away on their 18th, and I won't deny I had the exact sentiments initially. I was expecting an extravagant house party, a huge pool, hundreds of guests, so on and so forth... It wasn't until 2 weeks before, when I realised that's not a Birthday I'd wanna look back on thinking, "Oh, it was just another wasted night which I woke up to, not remembering what happened the night before."

After much contemplation, I finally decided to celebrate it with my best friend, group of friends who have always been there for me, and my family (separately) And I swear it was the best decision I've ever made.

I really enjoyed myself, and it's a moment that will be kept in my heart for the rest of my life. I'll always remember this feeling, where I tear up a little from the bliss I'm overwhelmed with.

I'm so glad for once, I could finally say I had the time of my life and I'm really grateful for the presence of all these people.

Alright, I hope I don't appear to be flaunting... But it's my way of showing appreciation and gratitude to all of you who made an effort; whether it's a wish, gift or surprise, thank you so much. Love y'all from the bottom of my heart.

Two lovely videos made by the best people on this planet.

Last Thursday night at Hai Di Lao, pre-celebration with Fred and Aud. Great place for steamboat!

Two surprises from the best classmates in school on the eve.

Lol, if you were wondering why's the container (below) on the left filled with a bunch of weird stuff,

1) It has a really "deep" meaning behind it... Eggs, hotdogs, tako balls... It's okay if you don't get me. Hahaha.
2) All my fav stuff! I was kinda touched, although I'm not really sure if it's pure coincidence or they remembered these were my favs, but I shall give them the benefit of doubt and choose to think the best of it lol.

Spent the rest of the night with my bestie.

Had dinner at Fremantle Seafood Market and she brought me back to her place where the huge surprise was.

I can't believe I got tricked the whole time, from the moment this girl told me she didn't bring my present out cos something messed up the plan, until I followed her back to her place after dinner.

I was really happy though! I guess the best surprises are those that come unexpectedly after all haha.

Love you Trix!

Sat morn Dim sum with my family.

All these wouldn't have went smoothly without my parents, dad for helping me with the hotel and payment... Mom for conspiring with my friends :p Thank youuuu daddy and mommy neo!

Last but not least, spending the rest of the day with these bunch of amazing friends. The surprise kinda failed cos I sorta guessed it when my mom acted really strange the entire morning... But appreciate the effort. Hehe.

Stayed in 3/4 of the day, and headed to the beach till around three or four the next morning. Quality time indeed.

Once again, thank you so much everyone! Ending this off with Danial's retarded face... Lesson learnt, never take selfies with my camera hahaha.