I love the beach. I love the sounds made by waves as they hit the shore. I love watching the sun set beneath the horizon. I love dipping my feet in the water; how it's cold and bracing at first touch, yet makes me feel so comfortably invigorated as I submerge myself in it.

The day started off with an overcast sky, Trix and I were really paranoid about the weather. Well, it wasn't long before the temperature soared. Midday was hot, and heavy with languor. Somehow, we were fatigued by just sitting down by the beach for a couple of hours.

Trix joked that the scotching sun must have drained off all our energy to be able to produce that much heat. I'd probably die someday from all her weird logics. Lmao


Stayed over at her place the previous night because of our initial plan; which was to wake up early to prepare some food for "picnic" at Sentosa. Which apparently, didn't really work out.

Caught Cinderella Pact till 1, and stayed up till 3 in the morning. Were so tired, we K.O-ed not long after we hit the sack.

By the time we woke up? It was 30 mins past 12. Plan failed. 

Whatever it is, was still a pretty good one. At least we spent some quality time together after 2 weeks. Guess it's true that it's not really about the things you do, or the places you go sometimes, as long as you're with the right company.

Rather spend 5 mins in desperate attempt to remove all the sand from our butts than to bring a mat. Rather sit down and do nothing, than to sunbathe or swim, cos we refused to get ourselves dirty and shower there. Rather sit on the ground for hours than to pay 10 bucks for a sunbed. 

I swear the both of us are beyond redemption. But I still think I'm slightly better; if I'm lazy this girl is a sloth. Hahahaha :p

Love you babe.