Sydney 04.

Today started off on a good note. Rays of the blazing sun shone through the window panels, as I laid under the sheets, reluctant to get up. I could hear sounds of morning nature sneaking through the little holes before my mom stomped in the room in attempt to wake me up...

Urgh... How dreadful.

I know 3 hours is not an excuse for being jet lagged, but I've no idea why do I feel so restless since the day I came here.

Feels like I'm seriously debilitated by something which I've no idea what it is. Even though I've no idea how's it like to be an actual drug-addict, my body's acting like this is how it's supposed to be when I'm hooked on that sh*t.

Anyway, had a short shopping spree today... And mr dark sky decided to take a visit when we reached upon the market place. How sad.

Whatever it is, I've a number of good buys that I can't wait to share with you all!

Pictures time!

Will never wake up early enough to catch the sunrise, but here's a clear view of the perfect sunset... I've no idea where this place is, pardon my ignorance... I just know it's round the vicinity of Manly rd. Oops.

The day didn't really end off the way it started though, I had so many thoughts invading my mind during the long ride home when I heard our song playing on the radio.

Nearly half a year has gone by ever since you left... And it's been awhile before our memories decided to take control of how I feel again.

I barely think of you or us now, but whenever I do, it still does take a whole lot of me. I feel so much agony in this feeble heart.

It's so painful to remember what we once had, but it's worse to realize how easily you could forget.

Regrets regrets. Something I'll live with for life, something that hurts me real bad.