Sydney 03.

Didn't get to do much today due to the bad weather, but as you can see, we went on a mini road trip.

Even though I didn't get to do much shopping today, I felt really happy to have visited these places below. This is what I love Australia for, its nature and people.

There's something I feel really puzzled about though, is that I was told about the hostility of the people here, but I've never ever met a single Australian that's unfriendly, let alone racist. 

I'd say I've really good personal experiences here, not sure why I was told otherwise.

Anyway, until today, I've no idea why Aus makes me feel even more homely compared to Singapore. Ooooops.

Perhaps because it's the place I came to the most frequently. Hence, I'm always overwhelmed with this acute nostalgia. This is my 5th time in Aus, and the first time was my visit to Gold Coast at the age 3. 

I don't think all the words in the dictionary would be able to explain how much I feel for this place. 

Anyway, here are some pictures for the day.

Stanwell Tops

Top - ZARA
Outerwear - Topshop
Shorts - Billabong
Shoes - Vans

Thirroul Beach

Sea Cliff Bridge, Wollongong

Flagstaff Hill Park, Wollongong

Managed to make a trip to the Blowhole. Unfortunately, it started raining when we got there, hence we didn't get to see the eye-opening Blowhole I was anticipating for :( What a pity.

Well, that concludes the end of today's road trip. Visited Kmart and got some stuff. Which, I'll show you guys in my haul video when I'm back! :)

Cya! Rmb to read my previous post if you've yet to!