Simple Hair Tutorial Feat. Sunsilk

Sometimes, it can be such a hassle to style your hair when you've to face the sight of your hair falling all over the place. Can anyone empathise with this pain that I've been going through? :'(

Yeah, perhaps it's due to the excessive amount of dye I previously applied to my hair, and maybe the number of cup noodles I usually have a week is one of the factors which leads to hair fall.

I swear I used to have much thicker hair, and hair fall was never something I had to deal with - The strands of hair my brush collects is even more than the air it interacts with. Wait, did that even make any sense? Ahhh, you get my drift.

So anyway if you've yet to watch my hair tutorial on how to create a hair-bun which requires less than 30secs, do click on the play button!




How does this bun stand out from the regular ones? To some, it might be something that's old-fashioned and a rather old trick, but it's never too late to bring back an old trend right?!

I did it using a pencil, and I was taught how to do this when I was around the age of 7 by my dad's old colleague. (My memory's not that bad after all right? Lol)

Haven't been using this hairdo for ages, but I had a bad hair day the other time in school, and DANG the only day when I've forgotten to bring my hairband just had to be the day I needed it most.

Hence, the thought of using a pencil instead, came to my mind!!!

AND because some of my friends were pretty amazed by it, I thought I'd do a hair tutorial, since it only takes less than a minute to get it done.

Best part? The one and only thing you need is a pencil. Saves you that extra trip you've to make to find your pins and clips, and the extra effort to tie it with a hairband. 

So I'm gonna elaborate more in this post on how to get it perfectly secured throughout the entire day!

Introducing the new line of hair styling products and tools by Sunsilk!

As mentioned in the video, remember to wash and condition your hair with their Hair Fall Solution Shampoo before you start off anything!

I've been using Sunsilk products for nearly half of my life, and I was glad to know that they came up with this new line of hair fall solution products!

Have been trying it out for awhile now, and I've actually witnessed the drastic improvement in my hair condition. Of course, it didn't miraculously stopped all my hair from falling, (I'll probably recommend it to all the elderlies if that's the case) but I probably only have one or two strands falling of now and then?

And let's not talk about how we tug and mess around with our hair, that kinda hair fall is inevitable.

I'm talking about how you'd normally comb your hair with a brush, during a shower or even when you let your hair down normally.

So the Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution range is now boosted with a Root Lock Mineral Complex which uses an infusion of minerals to actively strengthen roots and reduce
hair fall by up to 10 times.

You've to use the shampoo regularly to see full benefits of advanced root-nourishing minerals. Massage through hair and scalp, and rinse. It's only $6.70 for 320ml, $10.60 for 650ml!

As for the conditioner, its root-nourishing minerals smooth and strengthen hair lengths, protecting your hair against breakage. Apply to lengths and rinse. Costs the same, $6.70 for 320ml. :)

What's $6.70 or $13.40 to have thick, luxurious hair? ;)

BUT in order to really see an improvement...

You must not forget their Hair Tonic! It's their latest product, and it's really easy to use.

Just apply it to your wet hair, directly on your roots once you're done shampooing, and massage it for about 2-3 minutes. 

Yay! Say hi to the freedom to style with stronger roots. You'd be able to see a huge difference if you could diligently apply it daily, as your roots will become strengthened, which would eventually reduce hair fall. This is slightly more costly, but still affordable at $12.90 for 80ml!

This is definitely the key product for the prevention of hair fall, I promise you'd see a difference.

Going through a hair test after applying it for 1.5 weeks...

No strands of hair!

Hehe, kiss goodbye to hair fall, and time to play around with all my fav hairstyles!

Love how pretty this kit is. I mean, how often would people invest in such a beautiful bag for a kit? W

Thank you Sunsilk for my stronger, healthier, and smoother hair over the years! :) You've never failed to disappoint me.

With the hair tonic, twist, tug, pull, wrap, and play to your heart’s content using the collection’s star product ;)

Dilemma? How to use them? Stay tuned for my next post for another cool hairdo ;)

Btw, if you didn't catch it on my vid, you can take part in the Sunsilk hair styling challenge as well, just by uploading a picture of yourself in a sock bun on the Sunsilk Freestyle Challenge tab - Click on their app (here) for more details :)

Good luck!