Romantic Curls Hair Tutorial (Feat sunsilk part II)

Have been receiving tons of requests on how I create the curls I've in the picture above, after I posted it up on my Instagram...

So as promised in my last post, I'd be showing you all how I've made use of my two hairstyling tools from the Sunsilk Hairstyling Tool Kit! (Do check my last post up if you don't have a single clue on what I'm talking about.)

Remove its "cap," and plug it in to a socket to heat it up! 

The red light will lit up to indicate that the curler's switched on. 

You just have to wait for about a 2-3mins before application!

Just me and my silly face.

While waiting, don't forget to quickly apply some Hair tonic to your roots to strengthen and nourish them - anchoring your hair firmly in place. This helps to tackle your hair fall problem!

I mean you wouldn't want your hair falling all over the ground while you're brushing and curling your hair, right? 

(I've already done my hair in the morning, and I'm just touching up the loose curls before I head out again.)

1) Grab a small section of your hair that you'd like to curl, brush it through to untangle any knots.

2) Clip that section of your hair midway, 

Secure your hair in place.

3) Clip it all the way down to the end, and twirl it back up, and hold it for about 3-5 seconds. (Note: Remember to always curl away from your face.)

Voilà, a nice soft curl!

Continue this entire process for the rest of your hair!

I'm really amazed by what does this small curler can actually do to my hair, I guess I underestimated it. Never had a good experience from all the previous hair curlers I've tried in the past, so I'm really happy with this.

Time to straighten my fringe!

Test to see if its heated up! (I love how it's not like steaming hot, yet hot enough to do its job!)

Just like any ordinary straightener, clip your fringe and curl it inwards at the end. That gives your bangs that extra "bounce."

Once your done, just put it in place! 

If you're looking for a sweet finish, try tying half your hair up!

The Sunsilk Gift pack also provides you with a pack of all purpose ribbon.

Measure and cut the ideal length that you want.

Grab about 1/4 of your hair, from ear to ear.

And tie it up with your ribbon!

Nothing too fanciful, but like I always mention, simplicity is the key to beauty!

Anyway, if you don't already know... I'm actually taking part in the Sunsilk Hairstyling challenge! You can also be a part of it by click (here) and walk away with the Exclusive Sunsilk Hair Styling Tool Kit with the new Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution set + hair styling tools worth SGD $150!

Top 3 winners are entitled to a Girls’ Night Out package worth SGD$1500 + 2 friends that includes: 1. One night stay at W Hotel Singapore 
2. Spa treatment at AWAY Spa 
3. Dinner at Skirt

However, if you're not keen in taking part, you can also purchase the Sunsilk gift pack consisting of a free hair curler at 16.90 in stores now!

I'd still encourage you to take part in the challenge. After all, you just need a few minutes to complete a hairdo. You can read up more on the review of the products on my previous post (here)

Best of luck! ;)