Bottom: Billabong

Since I don't have lessons on Mondays, today was actually my 5th day of school. Even though waking up at 7 can be quite a pain in the ass already, I've decided to get up at 645 from today onwards......

Well, it seems like I don't have much of a choice, cos I still have to decide between being late for class (Which's the case since day 1) or not having sufficient amount of sleep. Both are equally annoying, but I'd risk dozing off in class than to be marked absent.

So guess what???!!! I'm finally early today, but guess what again?!?! I still ended up being late for class because Ori and I decided to be nice enough to wait for the rest. Story of my tragic life.

I've to mention that I really love Tuesday classes. Not that the reason's cause we end at 12, (although it contributes partially :p) but I just feel completely immersed in my work for this particular module. 

Despite how tough it is to adapt to this lifestyle since I had 8/9 months of hols, I'm actually coping pretty well for the time being, and I've yet to reach the stage where I dread to attend school just yet.

Right, too early to be confident about this. Hopefully everything remains the way it is now, otherwise get better.

In case you were wondering where on earth am I, and why am I taking pictures like there's no tomorrow; I'm at SOM for class again. Taking this time to blog cos I'm 2 hours early lolol. 

I haven't been bringing my camera around lately cos I'm lazy like that, and partly due to my horrifying sore eyes I had almost the whole of last week. In fact, they only got better yesterday. Which explains the lack of pictures and updates. Perhaps I will bring that burden out tomorrow.

Hmm. I'll also start being a little more diligent and keep this space updated as much as possible since I've more time to spare now.

Just to give you guys a heads up, I would most likely be uploading a new video this weekend if I have the time, and I'm going for two photoshoooooots (coughs). Will talk more about it when I'm ready to! 

Till then X