Dempsey / Visual Mass

Met Aug last Friday for a meal. Don't know if I should call it lunch or dinner because that was our first meal and it was close to 6pm.

Anyway, I've finally managed to make a trip to Dempsey! It's probably my favourite place in Singapore. I don't mind having a house there and I'll just stay in for the rest of my life to prove my love for it. Nah, kidding. Haha.

Just in case you'd like to know where Dempsey Hill is located at, it's situated at the idyllic Tanglin Village opposite the Botanic Gardens along Holland Road. You'd probably have to take a cab up the hill if you're as lazy as us though.

So after deliberating over what to eat for ages, we've decided on having Dome.

Wasn't exactly the best meal I've ever had, but it was above avg. Besides, I have to credit them for their perfect Avocado smoothie, which was served to me within 5 minutes. Seems impressive to me.

This guy is too wishy-washy. Took forever to decide on what to eat as usual, even though he texted me beforehand about his massive craving for burgers.

What's a western meal without my fav Aglio Olio? 

Anyway, we then left the diner for a mini photo-taking session thereafter.

Have you guys heard of this online store called Visual Mass? Bet most of you did, otherwise you must be living under a rock!

Have you ever dread walking into an optical store? I definitely hate accompanying my dad and watching him spend hours searching high and low to pick out a pricy frame that would be chucked aside after a week or two.

If you think you are not able to grab a pair of amazing glasses at a good price, you'd love what I've gotta share with you about VM today.

Visual Mass is the first online web-store where you can purchase your frame and lenses at one go. They are mainly an online optical boutique that prevails a whole new concept of eyewear shopping experience.

When you first arrive at their webpage, it automatically attracts you just by the simplicity in the design they have chosen. Apart from the site design, the glasses are amazing. You can expect designs of all sorts, ranging from the casual black and turtleshell frames to those vintage pair that you'll hunt for. I've got to stress on the price of these quality eyeglasses. They are really affordable compared to any other spectacle boutiques you find across the street or in shopping malls! Price range - Frame $30 - 50, Lens $50.


I'm so thrilled that I've actually gotten my hands on two of the eyewear from their latest collection! Hehe. I chose a pair of shades and a normal specs.

I have to mention how much I love their wooden casing btw! It's so unique! You can get it when you purchase a lens! It's really light, so you can carry it anywhere and everywhere.

I've this crazy obsession for really cool shades, and I always love wearing sunnies since a very young age!

I actually got myself a similar pair previously from overseas, but it's kinda ruined now... I mean what's new? Nothing's NEVER ruined in my hands; Well, at least that's what my dad claims.

Unlike other ordinary shades you get at $5 from e.g Bugis st, you pay for what you get! 

The main characteristics of VM Lens:


Weekly arrivals every Wednesday at 8pm!

Sunglasses Name: Kade Vim

I got this specs just for fun! I mean why not? Tt's pretty camwhore-worthy right?

Just a tip if you don't already know, due to all our different face shapes, we have to pick specs/shades according to their frames and whether or not they match the shape of our faces.

And it's important to pick one that doesn't cover your eyebrows, otherwise that's when you know it's too big for you!

If you've an oval face shape, lucky you! Cos it goes well with most frames! If you've a circle face, angular and geometric frames will help to sharpen your facial features, whereas rectangular and horizontal styles make faces appear longer and thinner.

You can read more about what suits you best (here)

Frame Name: Simple MB

Free local postages, and it only takes up to 5 working days with prescription lenses! With a 7 Day Refund & Exchange Policy.

Check them out @

Discount Code: Quote "NAOMINEO" to receive 5% off.

Instagram: @visualmass
Hashtags: #visualmass #sightforthemass

Lastly, big thanks to Aug for the beautiful pictures!!!