Met Luna and Rid last Fri in the afternoon... Omg you guys just have to watch this before you understand our pain of having to tolerate such a sight.... HAHAHA.

I'm just kidding if you see this Rid, you know I love you hahahahahahhahaha... But it still doesn't change the fact that you're so gay.

Thanks for the breathtaking performance *round of applause* :X

So anyway didn't really get to spend some quality time with them because I had a date with my GC babies. 

Our initial plan was to dine at Koh Grill & Sushi Bar @ Wisma. Apparently the craze was over their famous Shiok Maki.

I WAS SO HYPED until...

I discovered I wasn't the only one anticipating for that mouth-watering plate of sushi. SIGH. 

I got there before the rest and sucks to be me, early bird with no worms...

Oh wait, just in case if you were thinking why the hell did I take a candid shot of that guy in the red-checkered tee; contemplating if I was some psychotic stalker... NO. I was referring to the long-ass queue behind lol.

After waiting for about an hour plus. We decided that that it wasn't worth the wait bcos everyone was hungry!!! Checked out several restaurants in town and mostly were packed :(

Hungry herd of sheeps finally decided to settle down for Medz @ Ochard Central. God, that hunt sureeee was t o r t u r o u s.

As usual, camwhoring while waiting for our food to be ready!

Meet Joanna and Shanice!

And greetings to Ryan, Xavier and Julie!

At long last, our efforts of hunting for a good nom nom place didn't go to waste! So much for waiting 1.5 hours for a plate of sushi earlier on -_-

Bye loves! 

P/s: I hope you don't have desperate cravings after looking at all the food porn. :p