Do it, if it makes you happy.

I decided to share with you guys a little more on what I've been up to lately.

Can't really remember what exactly triggered it; but I've been following strictly to my work out routine and have also been really meticulous about my calorie intake. Apparently, my zeal for having a perfect body is kickin in at last.

I guess I was partially pressurised by my hangout-buddies who are mostly obsessed with girls like...

Seriously, how can any girl in the right mind not feel the need to achieve a body like this?!

Frankly, my motivation used to die off real quickly in the past. Mainly because I felt like there's no one I need to impress and partly because my love for food is waaayyy tooo strong. *drama*

Besides, my weight has always been pretty stagnent. Like it's usually between 86-88 lbs since last year. Not that that's counted light or anything, in fact it's avg for my height; but I just never really bothered that much about my body. I guess.

Anyway, let's all take a moment to hark back on what happened when I was in Primary school.

Believe it or not, I was actually in the TAF (which actually just meant FAT, hahaha jk) club when I was 8/9 if I'm not wrong. Apparently cos I was overweight for my height whhhhoops.

No wait, I'm actually serious.

Ok wait, I wasn't exactly oversized... I was just more noticeable...

I didn't attend it for long though, cos I was badass enough to skip quite a couple of lessons, until I started participating in the track events for sports day and was later on asked to join athletics by one of the coaches.

Yeap, that was when everything in my life started to change. I had training twice-thrice a week and I had very small portions of food everyday. I scraped through the next two years with the same routine and lost quite a lot of weight.

HAIYA, AFTER TELLING A LONG STORY, ALL MY EFFORT PRACTICALLY GONE TO WASTE AFTER SHITASS PUBERTY STARTED AND STOPPED WORKING OUT. LOL. Yea, my appetite grew bigger and food just magically became irresistible hahaha. Excuses.

Anyway back to the point. So when my school hols started last Nov, I literally spent every night/morning (from 12am-5am) catching up with online series... Accompanied by snacks... Yea I know damn sinful.

So for my regular meals, I had hell loads of...

 ∕  ✚    


Then I'll snack on the leftovers while watching my online series at night...


Are also part of my fattening-food list.

And after having all these junk food for almost two consecutive months, I started to notice a bump on my lower tummy. 

Not that I'm bragging or anything, but I've been living with a flat stomach for almost the whole of my sec school life and this was the first time I felt a fucking need to cut down on my meals.

I FELT UNHEALTHY. (I would use the word fat, but then again, you assholes will judge... So screw it.)

I was initially 85.9lbs (39kg) and I gained about 6.6lbs (3kg), so I was around 92lbs (42kg) after all that junk food!

It made me really depressed for a period of time, and right after I got over it, I thought it was time I  become more disciplined and start doing something about it!!!

And no, I wanna emphasize that the reason why I decided to lose some weight and go on a healthy lifestyle is not bcos of anyone. I'm doing it for myself.

I didn't do it previously bcos I had no one to impress, but I'm not doing it now because I'm trying to impress anyone but I just wish there's something to feel good about at the end of the day.

"Don't compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person from yesterday."

Honestly if you're gonna keep dwelling on and whining about something and not do nuts about it, then you can jolly well forget about achieving what you're wishing for. TALK IS CHEAPPPPP.

I can promise you it will be easy.... NOT. Hahahaha, you may think the VS angels could've easily gotten their bodies overnight, but I swear they've to go through the mill to get to where they are now.

Okay, enough of all my wise ass shit talk.

Disclaimer: I'm not trying to act like some spiritual teacher here, teaching you how to stay fit, healthy or whatsoever. I'm purely just sharing my personal experience and I do not promise that you'll achieve whatever stated with whatever I have to propose!

It's still your call at the end of the day, what you wanna do to your body. Not mine!

"There are so many benefits to getting healthy. Just do it!"

Before we even touch on what the workout part... Let's settle the part on a healthy, balanced diet first!

1) From what I wrote above, I guess you should know that Fastfood are the most unhealthy food on earth! It sure does taste delicious but unless you wanna put on some extra pounds, reconsider!

I know this is one of the "You don't say" facts, but how many of us actually take conscious effort to cutdown on it?

I swear reducing my consumption on fastfood was the partial reason to how I lost weight!

2) NEVER EVER EVER EVER SNACK BEFORE YOU HEAD TO BED. This is the most terrifying mistake one can ever make! Before you even decide on whether you're really "hungry" or not, drink a glass of water.

Why? Sometimes our body has the tendency of tricking us into thinking that we're hungry when in reality we are just greedy or like "mouth itchy." :p

Besides, it is so much healthier than a cup of soda.

To add on to its benefits, you can also do so before every meal to help fill your tummy up so that your intake of food can be reduced!

& even if you're seriously dying of hunger, like you've been deserted on an island for three days, without food... Snack on FRUITS instead! I guess the reason why is kinda self explanatory right?

3) Try your best to have at least 3 proper meals a day even if the portion is small. Moderate your portion. Eat what you need instead of what you want!

 If you're a fan of carbs, (noodles, rice, bread etc) fried food, desserts (Ice cream, Chocolates etc) It's time you cut down on them!!!

SHARE YOUR FOOD!!!! This is the time to be generous LOL. Especially desserts!

Try reducing to 3/4 and slowly to 1/2 the portion you usually take because these are the food that build fats! OF COURSE, it is essential to have a bit of sugar in your body as well to help you function!

When you have too much of a good thing, something pleasant becomes unpleasant. Vice versa.

But don't ever deprive yourself of the food that you want, you can stay indulge in your guilty pleasures once in awhile!

Gear up first by getting some proper sports attire if you don't already own any!

Took these pictures from Cotton on and you can easily get them at the price of 24.95-34.95!

Shoes and sports equipments can obviously be purchased at the sports shop itself! However, if you wanna be budget a bit... Mustafa and Penisula sells their sports materials at a really low price!

Of course there's always a price to pay if you wanna look good! Besides, this can be used a motivation. After spending, heart pain right?! THEN START MAKING FULL USE OF THEM!

Haiya, but if you still wanna be more budget then just wear anything lah!!! -_- Birthday suit best! FREE.

You wanna dress this way also can! Whatever floats your boat.

First things first, you'd like to bear in mind these three main points before you start your exercise:

1) Never isolate your workouts. In order to stimulate more muscles. it is important that you do a series of exercises for various parts of your body, instead of just working on a single body part.

Which will help expend as much energy and will gradually accelerate your results.

2) Quality over quantity. The amount of workouts you do are not equivalent to your success at the end of the day. A lot of us tend to quicken our pace hoping to just get over it asap, but we do not realize the mistakes we are making.

Slaving your ass away will not guarantee the results you wish to attain at the end of the day. For instance, it is better to do like 10 mins of skipping, 3 sets (15 reps) of jumping jacks, 3 sets (15 reps) of lunges instead of doing 20 mins of skipping alone.

3) Do not stick to the same workout routine. Our bodies tend to stick to things that we are familiar with and excel in. Hence, repeating the same routine is a surefire way to prevent you from reaching your desired goal.

Our body has the "magical" ability to adapt quickly. Therefore, it is important to switch your exercises once in awhile to make progress!!

Alright after a whole bunch of ah ma story, here's my personal work out playlist!!! I'll be adding more in time to come :)

For me, besides these exercises, I incorporate skating, dancing and boxing into my workout routine as well! Apparently these three work really well for me because they burn loads of calories!

A few hours of shopping can also be a good exercise, ladies!

Just a tip if you're a beginner; Always start off with something simple!

For instance, when I first started, I did as little as:
 5 mins skip/jog + 10 lunges + 10 squats + 50 crunches.

You can then intensify the workout progressively when you realize the ones you did before aren't working anymore!

Here's my favourite beginner's workout!

You can visit for more videos as such.

I found this website really useful bcos they provide you with different workouts from head to toe, depending on what you wish to focus on! They have full body exercises too.

Anyway, as much as they all say "embrace your flaws" or whatsoever bullshit... Most of us wish to look good at the end of the day. Or at least presentable.

I'm definitely not saying that obese or bulky people are not presentable, but if you can look like this

OR this

Which would you rather?!

If you're happy with whatever your size is now, whether you're big or small, then I'm sincerely glad for you! But if you're not, try to work it out! :)


"You can have results and excuses, but you can't have both."