YAY!!! I was overwhelmed with excitement and joy when I received an invitation from Blogshopping again; This is probably the 3rd/4th review that I'm doing for them. 

Hence, I guess I've already put in sufficient amount of good words over the past few posts to convince you guys on how much you'd love shopping there. :p

Blogshopping features your 15 favourite blogshops all under one roof!

WonderStellar, ButteredGun, AshInCans, EllySage, DirtyBling, OhSummer, SassyDream, MissMonday2007, RoseArrk, MarchAries, InHouseFashion, WardrobeMess, StyleXotic, LastBusRide & TwistPolka.

I guess nothing beats having the privilege to try on all those clothes that you've been dying to get online, but just couldn't bear to part with your money because you've yet to try them on to see if they fit!

For all those people who hate shopping online, but have been yearning to get a particular item, problem solved!

I guess it's pretty much self explanatory when it comes to how convenient it is, since it's located in town! 

Before I even began, I knew I was gonna have a hard time because of the wide variety of choices, besides knowing how fickle-minded I am.... Needless to say la, I took forever to settle with my first piece.

Here are some pictures to give you guys a rough idea on the things they have in their store!

After making a million rounds, I've finally decided on these two! Tough decision indeed.

Knitted tunic from MissMonday.

Denim fur jacket from WonderStellar. 

BlogShopping at Jem is opening really soon!!! And the best part? They are connected directly to Jurong East MRT station!!! How convenient to just drop by and have a short shopping trip!

Not forgetting to mention, they have new weekly arrivals, consisting of 200 pieces from all your favourite blogshops!

Which includes pre-launch and exclusive items from their vendors.

If those that I've mention so far, doesn't sound appealing enough... In addition, they have their very own membership card program!!

Sign up at only $10 for 1 year, and get 10% off your 1st purchase,  5% all year round and 10% off your entire birthday month!

Their membership card can be used at both Far East Plaza #01-34, as well as Jem #04-07.

Like them on facebook to get first hand updates on new arrivals in store and join their giveaway to win sponsored apparels evert week!

Do all these tempting deals appeal to you yet?! I hope so!

Hope you guys have as much fun shopping there as I did too :)