Here to introduce you guys to Gipsypixie!!!

I'm not really sure if anyone ever realised this, but I actually have a habit of changing the kinda clothes I wear every once in awhile. 

For instance, at some point of time I'll dress more in shorts, other times I'll be more in jeans... Then suddenly I'll start wearing loads of skirts.

But of course, one can never lose his/her style. I'll still end up going for an edgier finish.

Apparently now's somewhat my "skirt" season I suppose. I've been wearing a lot of skirts and dresses lately, and the only time I'm in shorts/pants/jeans will be on days where I've to go for practices.

I can be in a dress even when I'm on my cruiser board sometimes. Hahahaha yea madness, I know.

Anyway I was so happy to receive this matching set!

If you want, you can always wear it separately, which I did!

The second piece I chose is a dungaree/overall. I don't know what's with me and pinafolds lately as well. But this is just too cute!!!

Sigh, if you're looking at my eyes... STOP STARING. They are dark circles not brown eye shadow LOL. I've been pretty deprived of my beauty sleep over the past one week. AND the light is not helping at all. :(

Here are a few of the apparels which they are selling too!


I think all these outfits are perfect for the terribly hot, wet climate now. 

So anyway,
Get your beautiful summer outfits @

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Have fun shopping!