Monday Blues.

Firstly, if your read my twitter just now, I actually mentioned that my baby gal just introduced me the blogger app for my phone. In other words, I'll be able to update more often from now on!!!

So... I've been feeling really stressed because I've so much work to do, and it's approximately ~100 more days till my first O lvl written paper. It's my final lap and I can't afford to lose this battle. Sigh.

I am DESPERATE to get out of my school. I know everyone's telling me how I'd regret it when I proceed on to college, like how I'll actually look back, reminisce and miss the past. But nevertheless, I'm pretty sure that's one thing that will definitely not happen to me.

Why? I feel like so many people in the school dislikes me. I don't even know if it's right to write this here, but I just thought maybe it's something I should share... And I really feel like sharing.

I don't know if it's just me, or people really do dislike me. No doubt, I'm super paranoid. Getting random stares makes me feel uncomfortable, I've never felt good about people staring at me; Indeed, I'm really pessimistic and insecure.

Of course, I still have really good friends who genuinely care for me and all, but... Sometimes I just can't help but to feel that way.

I'm always trying my best not to offend anyone and for as much as I could, I will try my utmost ability to make everyone around me happy. I really hate fighting, to me hating is a very miserable thing. I've only hated one person in my entire 16 years of living before... But we're even closer now than before.

I've learn the hard way that being whelmed up with hatred only makes you feel wretched, not happy. Which excludes temporary happiness.

Whatever the case is, I really just wanna stay happy.

By the way, since some of you are asking, I think I'll be pursuing my dreams by continuing my passion for dance or prolly fashion designing after my O's and join the arts school... & Thereafter, I've intentions of studying abroad.

As for now, focus and fight.

Random pictures time!!!

A picture I took near my house just now. 

Out to celeb Grand dad's 82nd birthday yesterday :)

30 minutes shopping at topshop!

I love chocolate cake!!!

Last Sat.

From here onwards, all the pictures are arranged in random orders! I can't even remember when I took them... So yea.


After school~

Okay, let me sidetrack for a moment! I gotta share my love for this app called "Camera360." 

I know most of you might already knew about this app since ages ago, but I'm just gonna share it anyways!

Freakin cooooool shit. Look what it has done to my skin! 

Hahahaha it certainly fits up to its title Magic skin. LOL.

Whatever it is, this just proves how deceiving pictures can be. Have fun playing around with the effects!

P/s because of how efficient my phone apps work, I hardly bring my camera out already. LOL. But the picture quality is pretty bad though :(

Camwhores from camera.

Ending this post of with my fav Disney princess which cracked me up....