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Blog Shop Empire.

Find it risky to get things online? Saw something you really love but yet afraid that you can't pull it off after getting it? Dying to try it on to see if you can fit into it?

Well, then Blogshop Empire definitely offers the right service!

Far East Plaza #01-51

 I believe many of you have this problem with online shopping; The items either look really pretty in pictures but usually turn out otherwise... OR they are always the wrong size!

So I guess it's time you put your worries aside, because Blogshop Empire assembles all your favourite blogshops into one!

I guess it's quite convenient for the most of you isn't it? C'mon, we youngsters don't really hang out anywhere else apart from town these days. LOL.

If you're there, this will be a shop to look out for!



Time to have some fun mix and matching from all the 11 different brands!

As you can see, besides just clothes, clothes and more clothes...

Some of the blogshops bring you clutches, bags and accessories too!

So many things to choose from! I sure had a hard time...

Vintage, Floral, Galaxy prints... Casual, Formal, Edgy style...

All kinds of variaties you could ever think of.

Hehehe my fav blog shop!

And not forgetting Dirty Bling who has been collaborating with me for soooo long.

As you can see, there are a WIDE range of things for you to choose from!

Flats?! Heels?! Platforms?!

Lastly, featuring their two other stores, which are also located in FEP...

Far East Plaza #01-102

Far East Plaza #01-61

Hurry down now to enjoy a 70% discount!

3 stores, with 11 blogshops, I'm pretty sure you'd find something to bring home!!!

So here are two items I got sponsored with! Actually there are two more pieces, but they are in the laundry now hahahaha! 

Mad in love with the mint studded denim!!!!

Denim blazer... Did I ever mention to you guys that I really love denim stuff...?

Yes, I certainly do... I think at least 3/4 of my bottoms are like denim. lol.

P/s get your eyes off my fat thighs.... :(

✄ ✄ ✄ ✄ ✄ ✄ ✄ 

Next up, introducing to you guys my favourite masks (or skincare products) I've ever came across so far!!!

*Stay till the end for giveaways!*

LEADERS Insolution

I bet at some point of time, whether or not if you pay attention to Kpop Celebs... You would have actually realize how flawless their skins are. And I'm not even kidding!
Honestly, if I were to be true to all of you... I'M SUPER LAZY WHEN IT COMES TO SKIN CARE. No joke.

Not only do I find it a hassle, it's like a chore to me ok... Apparently, I guess it's because I've never ever used anything that fascinates me enough that really helps to nourish or make any improvement to my skin condition.

But recently... I found out that this fucking doped masks exist!

I was given an entire packet of these to try out... And as usual, dreading to do it.... UNTIL I saw what it does to my skin!

It's C R A Z Y.

*Prestigious Skin Care Brand in KOREA
*Sold more than 800,000 sheets every single month in KOREA
*The popularity of LEADERS InSolution masks have topped the sales chart in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Thailand..

I'm serious about everything I post here. LOL, not because it's an advert. I genuinely thought that it actually does work some miracles.

So there are a range of different kind of masks for you to choose from, based on your individual skin condition and preference.

Due to my bad complexion, these three will be my buddies for now! :P

And best part?! They are hell cheap!!! 5 bucks is all you need!

*Exclusively available at following Watsons outlets from 5th July – 1st Aug 
(Please look for LEADERS InSolution floorstand/standee display):

- United Square
- Center Point
- Forum Galleria
- Marina Bay Financial Centre
- Telok Ayer Street
- City Square Mall
- Anchorpoint
- Sun Plaza
- Beauty World Centre
- West Mall Plaza
- Choa Chu Kang Lot 1
- Yew Tee Point
- Serangoon Garden
- Bedok Point
- Tampinese Mart

Not forgetting blackheads.... Fml, I get them all the time like within days after getting rid of them. Sucks to be me. -_-

Leaders insolution will now solve your problem!

Why? Cos not only does it help to get rid of your black heads, it also tightens your pores! In other words, less prone in having them again! :)

Tried it on and it really helps!!!

Not forgetting my dear readers, I've 3 pair of eye masks to give away too! 

Drop me a tweet on Twitter and tell me why you'd wanna win it! (Must be my follower.) 

Check out for more info and other skin products as well!

Like their facebook page for regular updates too! 

If you wondered where I got the top above... It's from Tinge!!!

I didn't expect myself to be so elated upon receiving this pack of items! I swear.

Just in case you're wondering... I'm actually really into handicraft and all, so I got some ribbons for future use. :P

So let me share what's stands out from this online store compared to many blogshops out there. Firstly, it's not about the trend, they have really unique apparels that I don't see in other blogshops.

C'mon, I see the same thing everywhere!!! And it's getting way toooo boring/mainstream. Trust me, the fabric of the apparels are really good as well. 

My first jumpsuit in my entire life. LOL.

I thought I should try something new and I love those tribal-ish details and prints.

Le me camwhoring.

Where can you find such stuff in other blogshops?! Ok... At least not that I know of. Hahahaha! :P

Not forgetting to mention, they've some really nice accessories too!

A really cute giftwrap for you to give away! :)

Their exclusive webstore design captivated my attention too! Plus point!

Like their facebook page and follow them on twitter too!!!


They are having a massive clearance SALE now up to 50%!!! 
So do check them out now! :)