NAFA Open House 2012

So talking about the future earlier on, I spent the first half of my day yesterday @ NAFA (Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts) IT WAS ATROCIOUSLY AWESOME. Yea, I stress the word AWESOME.

Well, I'm turning 16 soon in 10 days time, and taking my O's this year. BUT, I'm so so so keen in this school after attending yesterday's open house.

Basically, as you realize from the school's name itself, it's obviously an Arts school. And fyi, when I mention "arts", it definitely doesn't only mean drawing, painting, colouring whatever alone. Which I'm aware not all of you are fond of. It includes, dancing, writing, music and theatre as well.

I know many of you feel that art is really stupid and a waste of time, and most parents probably feel that  it's like a "NO FUTURE" kinda thing. But come on, look at those people who've succeeded and are earning a million of bucks now?! Furthermore, it's more of a leisure kinda work. You don't have to worry about studying, memorizing and all, you just allow creativity to rule your mind most of the time.

Why join NAFA?
Firstly, they've created their courses to cater to your needs in handling the dynamic requirements of the arts and design industries after you graduate. You don't have to fret about anything much because most of your schedule is neatly planned out for you. 

Secondly, you can complete your degree in just 4 years and be entitled with the Bachelor of Arts degree. Which means, once you're over with your O/A lvls, you can immediately proceed and work your way to get a degree, preparing yourself for a rewarding artistic career.

Thirdly, in 2010, their diploma and degree holders commanded a starting monthly salary of 1.6k-2k. Students who graduated, are easily employed within three freakin months. Which means, you don't have to worry about getting a basic pay, a secure job and a job of your dream like what 90% of the graduates managed to achieve.

Lastly, if you wanna carry on your arts journey in other countries, Nafa allows you to have the skills and qualifications to go aboard to pursue it! You will be WELCOMED WHEREVER you go! Singapore's Ministry of Education has already recognized Nafa for their proven teaching approach. 

In short, you've nothing to worry about, and you get to lead on with your dreams. Of course, you've to put in the effort as well!!!! But aren't you pretty tempted to get in there now?! If you're not, allow me to tell you more about the range of courses they offer along the way, in a bit...

These are the booths which were set up in the Orange house of Campus 1. 
Talking about campuses, they have a total of 3 campuses along the street of Bencoolen. Madness. It's so huge and pretty!

Some really cutesy apparels which they were selling..

Feeling thirsty?! HAHAHA, grab your milkshake from the picture below. Lol, just kidding. Tried a cup, and I must say it was pretty refreshing. It has a really unique taste to it! 

You know, I've been pass NAFA quite a few times in the past, without even realizing it?! I thought it was some freakin arts studio or something. The entire ambience there is just great. It doesn't even feel like a school in any way, any angle. For a moment, I really thought I was lost in some art atmosphere.

Some really cool paintings by the students.

I LOVE THE EYE ONE... It looks damn nice!

Drawings from the students from year 1-3 respectively. 

I had a hard time figuring out if this was drawn or printed, IT'S SO REAL... If it was drawn, OMG, I'm gonna murder the artist and swallow his/her brain. So I'll have a supa awesome artsy talent. Nah kidding.

The rooms where the students have their work done!

Bringing you 3D art!!!! OMG, I LOVE THIS COURSE THE MOST. A girl being a girl, I'm sooooo gaga over the accessories! Some of them were mad gorgeous. 

Especially the bottom two!!! 

Students from other schools gathering to see how the nafa seniors create such beautiful stuff.

Just in case if you were wondering... YEA, these are all made by them!!! 

FIRE FIRE FIRE! This is to melt the substances I think... Heh.

In 3D art, you'll be taught to use IT to get your designs made as well. 

Every year, Nafa takes part in competitions which allows the students to submit their art piece. And you know what's the best part? You get to keep some of the money if your work is selected by companies! How attractive can this deal get?!

So this is the end of my tour at Nafa's open house!!! 

As for the other courses, there are 8 in total.
Offering you with...


- Environmental Design
- Exhibition Design
- Furniture Design
- Interior Design
- Jewellery Design
- Object Design

In this course, you're taught a variety of skills to help you attain your dreams to become a: 3D designer, Landscape Designer, Furniture Designer, Model Maker, Event Planner, Interior Designer, Teacher, Design Magazine Writer, Jewellery Designer, Goldsmith and MORE.


- Diploma in Arts Management
- Diploma in Arts (Teaching)

It's all about show casing your talent, and bringing it to a step further! Jobs offered: Arts Consultant, Entrepreneur, Business Manger, Museum Executive, Performing Arts manager, Radio Broadcast Studio Manager, Concerts and Events Manager etc.


- Performance (Ballet or Non-ballet)
- Choreography
- Teaching

Dance has became more popular over the years, it's sucha beautiful form of art that majority of us loves! 
In this course, you'll be specially assisted by trainers from USA etc. Few individuals who continued to be active in the local and international dance scene includes people like: 

Wong Kai Yee (1992 graduate) Associate Director of Moving Arts and former full-time dancer, Lim Chin Huat (1994 graduate) Co-Artistic Director of Ecnad Project Ltd, and recent ones likes Xu Lei Ting (2009 graduate) and Sun Hong Lei (2010 graduate) full-time dancers with the Arts Fission etc.

Dreams of being a performer, educator, researcher, reviewer, administrator or production assistant? This is definitely for you!


- Advertising
- Animation
- Graphic Design
- Illustration Design
- Interactive Media
- Video Production

Visualize your career path in full colour. This course allows you to let your ideas take lead. Suitable for you if you're keen in...

Design: Art director, Desktop Designer, Graphic Designer, Photographer, Publication Designer and more! 

Media: Video Production Designer, Animator, Editor (Video), Motion Graphic Designer etc.


- Diploma in Fashion Design
- Diploma in Fashion
- Merchandising & Marketing 

C'mon, who doesn't love fashion?! Whether you're a guy or a girl, everyone likes it! This department allows you to moving you to the forefront of what they do best, they put you in touch with methods to create collections and build technical skills at the same time! 

Make your mark in style in becoming a Fashion/Costume Designer, Fashion Photographer, Fashion Stylist and all the awesome jobs that are in the fashion sphere!


- Western Painting
- Chinese Ink Painting
- SculpturePhotography
- Ceramics
- Printmaking

If you love those paintings I've showed you just now, this is definitely what you're looking for. Let your opportunities take shape here to become a Fine Art Artist, Art Consultant, Curator, Display Artist, Illustrator.


- Diploma in Music Performance
- Diploma in Music Teaching

Are you as into music as I am?! I love music, I can never live a day without it. I feel that life is colourless without musiccccc. Omg. I sound so corny, but yea. HAHA!

In this department, the experts in their own fields will aim to nurture you into an individual who is highly skilled, musically adaptable and equipped to enter professional life as a creative and flexible 21st century musician.

Your sound future awaits. Administrator for Music School? Agent for Performers? Conductor? Composer? Music Arranger? Performer? This will certainly allow you to become one.


- Diploma in Theatre
- Elective Modules

Don't we all love drama?! Everyday we're all creating our very little own drama out of small bits of our life without noticing it. 

Become an Actor, Drama Educator, Scripter & Playwright, Stage & Production Manager.

Ending this off with an extra info about the tuition fees if you're interested in applying!!! 
For more information on the requirements, and whether you're applicable to join NAFA or not, log on to now!

Sorry to disappoint you guys, but the open house ended yesterday!!! However, if you've just finished your O's and you're really inspired after reading this, (I hope) do register now!!! Registration ends on the 3rd of March for locals!

It's pretty insane how it's coming to the end of the first two weeks of January 2012 in a few hours time, isn't it? Gosh, I've been so so so busy. School work have been driving me nuts, I'm so close to entering the Mental hospital already. Ok I'm just kidding. 

But I swear, the pile of worksheets lying on my study table are literally glaring at me ever since I placed them there, waiting for me to give a fuck about them. HAHA. So much work to do, yet so little time. All my school timings have been rescheduled and the earliest I can go back home is 1.30 now. RESCUE ME FROM THIS MISERY.

Above that, I still have to find time to cope with my social networking life. :( I'm so afraid all the efforts I put over the past two months back in 2011 on my blog would go in vain... If I start to neglect it like how I did last year. 

Honestly, I really LOVE my life a lot now. It's like I feel like everything is nearly perfect. I've met a whole bunch of awesome friends, my family are doting me like mad, my studies are slightly better and all. Which makes me more fearful that once I reach the top, everything will just hit rock bottom AGAIN. Nooooooo, good things don't last....

Yea, I'm actually very pessimistic about my life and not as strong as I appear to be. I'm just constantly trying to remind myself that good things will only come to those people who has the bravery to think far, and take risks to pursue your dreams. Not just sit there and worry about the world coming to an end and shit.

So work on your future! Stop sitting there and waiting for miracles to happen. Cos chances are, you're just gonna rot your life away and regret later. By then it's tooooo late.

"Worrying is stupid. It's like carrying an umbrella waiting for it to rain."

So anyway, before I begin... Let me introduce you one of the best blogshops I've passed so far... Bringing you

Judging on these clothes alone, aren't you already tempted to get them?! I love their apparel designs. I mean come on girls, we all love pretty and unique looking outfits isn't it?! Moreover, the items are rather affordable as well. New year's round the corner, you wouldn't wanna lose this opportunity to grab some gorgeous looking outfits and be a total stunner on your new year visitings!

HURRY, due to high demands, their items are easily gone really quickly! :(
All the pretty stuff are gone. boo hoo.

A mass meet up will be held before CNY to allow you guys to receive your items in time, so you don't have to fret about being unable to show them off. Hehehe.

And yea, thankfully, I've got a few on my own from them as well, will wear them and show you guys after I receive the items! :)

LOVE THE DESIGN, cute or what!!!

Also, if you're worrying of where to place all your ang paos... Here are some clutches and bags for you! Starting to have a fetish over red stuff recently! It's so captivating. 

$2 off with any 2 purchases in the "NEW" category!
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Went for a shopping spree with my gal on Friday... I swear my holiday mood came back instantly when I was out with her. Damn. Got a few crops, and a new pair of heels. 

We went to Bugis and town! Hardcore shopping, the both of our legs were aching after the entire trip... And we still have to face more hell from the long bus journey back home! Sobsss.

Dress from Dirtybling.livejournal again! :)

Headed to Plaza Sing with Fid after the event, went to walk around and caught "We Bought A Zoo." I think it's byfar one of my favourite movies! Not only is it funny, it adds on this really touching feel to it. The both of us teared!!! LOL. Imagine that. Hahahaha.

Met up with some friends at Cine in the evening. Crazy crowd yesterday.

Outfit of the day! (Minus the shoes) HEHE.

Alright, that's all for today's entry! So many words to absorb... I'll update again pretty soon, probably a continuation of my last topic post on LOVE! :) Stay tuned!