Melbourne day 1 & 2

Omg it's been sooooo long since I last touched this space and it's not because I'm lazy cos trust me, I wrote quite a number of posts but I hardly find one that's good enough to share. I can get a little overboard with my own expectations sometimes.

Anyway, I'm currently in Melbourne with the usuals for a vacation. - It's 9pm here and it's 11 degrees; The worst has yet to come though, it's gonna decrease over the next couple of days (inserts scream face).

It's my second time here since I was 9. Even though it's been 10 years and the memories are vague, but I'll never forget the feeling I experienced the last time I came.

Haven't done much yet, just roamed around our area and did some simple shopping. Visiting the Queen Victoria market tomorrow, can't wait! Alright, the following are some photos we took since we arrived yesterday!

I'll be sharing my entire journey here for the next two weeks, so don't forget to check this space out! Till next time xo