How to get a beautiful room. (Linen House)

So as you guys know I'm usually either at my own house or at the office and to me, making my place look super cosy and pretty is extremely important since I spend most my time there.

We all wanna come home after school, work or just a long day and settle down in a comfortable environment right?

I know housewares and furnitures can get quite pricey at times which is why I started saving up about 2 years ago and spend a lot of my hard earned money on decorating my room.

In my own house, it's where most of my junk are and at the office is where we like to keep everything minimal and clean - So we tend to go for simple colours like white, grey and shades of brown.

Recently I received some beautiful sheets and pillows from Linen House and trust me, the least you could do in order to have a pretty room is to buy a nice set of sheets and layer different pillows to enhance the overall look of your bed.

If you're clueless on how to get started, just go on pinterest and start getting yourself inspired with simple keywords like "nice bedroom ideas". Well at least that's what I do hahaha. Otherwise Linen House provides plenty of coordinates for you to browse through as well.

To get that ideal "tumblr" looking room? 1) Nice sheets and many pillows 2) Bed lights #bedroomgoals lol. I get my fairy lights from Q0010 in case you were wondering.

So just to give you guys a brief background on Linen House, they were established in Melbourne, Australia in 1993 and have recently decided it was time to continue to grow and share their high quality, fashion-forward bed linen and textile products via their first online platform in Singapore, Asia.

Besides bed necessities, they sell a wide range of other stuff including bathroom, lounge and kitchen, as well as other seasonal novelty products.

Took nearly 2 hours before I could decide on what to get and I eventually went with the Claudia Grey Quilt Cover Set, Shaggy Cushion, Washed Linen Cushion and Knitted Snow White Cushion

90% of my room decos are purchased online because I feel that I could get stuff that are a lot more unique and they tend to have nicer designs compared to those in departmental stores or ikea.

I hate that feeling when I see 10 others with the same sheets as me on Instagram lmao.

Alright, enjoy the photos! :D

These are a couple of my favourites and I like how their styling can go from fun and playful with loud, vibrant colours to clean and modern with basic colours.

Most of their sheets come in all sizes btw.

They are having a great sale now on selected items! So do check them out at and tag me on Insta if you happen to get something from them! :)

Have fun! <3