Melbourne day 8 / Younghungryfree

Julian joined us yesterday and we went back to the city area hoping to do some shopping but we got lazy and all the shops start getting pretty repetitive after a few days.

We're left with a couple more days before we head back to S'pore and I'm overwhelmed with all sorts of different emotions because I miss Buncha so so so much but at the same time, I really don't wanna leave this place.

Melbourne is really different from what I remembered and personally I feel that it's nothing like Perth, Sydney or Brisbane. From what I've learned, the buildings/architecture here are very much influenced by the European culture. 

Even though it's a lot livelier and enthralling here, I still seem to like Perth most. I don't know why. I believe many would say otherwise cos Perth is a really quiet place and at this timing, it usually transforms into a ghost town.

Nonetheless, this trip has been amazing so far and I guess it's also because of the great location we chose to stay at; that's convenient to nearly every popular district and I just wanna make the most out of our remaining time here.

Anyway, if you guys were wondering, we actually rented our house through Airbnb and we're very pleased with the place and neighbourhood so far.

I guess staying in a house really has a different impact as compared to being in a hotel because it makes you feel at home plus It's a safe experience and woaaaaah the amount of choices Airbnb has is crazy. Not to mention how ridiculously low the prices are for big and pretty houses/villas/penthouses etc.

You can check out some of my favourite locations I have own my wishlist (here) if you're keen. Can't wait to travel more after this trip!

Here are some photos taken today in my new dress from my favourite YoungHungryFree. :D

Been working with YHF for 2 years now and I know I've mentioned this a million times, but they are by far my fav local online store.

Not sure if you guys noticed but I kinda stopped taking up blog ads for blogshops but YHF is one of the only few that I still talk about due to how unique and distinctive their style is in contrast to many local stores.

Besides the fact that they sell a huge variety of items, I just enjoy browsing through their page and admiring the different coordinates.

Speaking of YHF, they are having a MEGA sale on the 20th and 21st of June from 11am-9pm! Do drop by cos there's not just loads of amazing clothes, but music and much more! :)

Hope to see you guys there! <3