Thank you for your support.

It's been a long and bumpy ride through the years. Despite all the negativity and how tough this journey was, I managed to pull through it all. And I wouldn't have been able to get to where I am today if it wasn't for those of you who stuck by me and showed endless support regardless of what my haters say. I'm truly blessed.

Comparing myself to international bloggers/influencers, I'm a pretty small fry, (I mean I don't even have the right to make such a comparison in the first place) but it still amazes me why people would wanna take a photo with me or even request for an autograph. I would gladly do so, but I just don't understand why. Hahaha, I don't feel like I'm worthy... You get what I mean?

This kinda explains why I'm usually very awkward around you guys. Not to mention, I still don't have a single clue how to respond when some of you meet me and tell me that you've been reading my blog since the day I first started, years back. Besides "Thank you" which might come off pretty effortless and insincere. :( Trust me, I'm just a nervous wreck sometimes. 

Anyway, it makes me happy to see how small little things like these can easily put a smile on your faces, so I guess the reasons are negligible.

I was at JCube the other day and for the benefit of those of you who have no idea what or where JCube is, JCube is a leisure and entertainment mall, which is pretty known for its gigantic ice rink and first IMAX cinema in Singapore’s suburbs. The mall boasts a unique faceted façade inspired by an ice cube, reflecting natural light by day and sparkling by night. Hahaha what fanciful words to describe this mall. Basically, a mall located in the western side of Singapore.

I've only been there once my entire life and there wasn't anything much during my last visit. However, I was invited to the launch of J.Avenue about two weeks back, and that was when I had a whole new experience.

Just a little background on what J.Avenue is, it houses some 70 shops offering a diverse selection of chic and affordable merchandise in a hip street shopping environment. It's pretty much like a bigger version of SCAPE'S underground mall I'd say. Not only do they cater to Fashion lovers, but from what I recalled, expect to find K-pop related gadgets, and a lot more other things - Such as shops that provide customising services etc.

Here are some of the pictures taken at the the J.Avenue's Filp-booth the other weekend.

Can you spot yourself? :p

Thank you so much for coming down! Especially those of you who travelled out of your way just for this event. I really, sincerely, appreciate the effort. And I'm sorry the haters can be really mean, even to you at times.

I hope you guys had fun! And to those of you who missed this out, don't worry!

Here are some upcoming events that Jianhao and I would be attending at JCube which you can look forward to!

October – Halloween @ J.Avenue
December – J.Flea
February – J.Mahjong

In the meantime, do head over to and follow @javenuesg on Instagram for more exciting updates!

Once again, thank you and I love you!

P/s We didn't hire the securities, they were hired by the management for safety issues. Just saying.