Perfume Collection | New Fragrance from DKNY

Since a very young age, I’ve always been intrigued by perfumes in terms of their different scents and packaging. Besides visiting the toys section like any other kid, another reason to make a trip to any department store like Metro or Robinsons was to sneak to the basement where all the fragrances and cosmetics were displayed.

Part of being vain was the need to smell good and even though I was just a kid, I really wanted to own a bottle of perfume. However, I guess every parents’ worry was that their child might be growing up too quickly, and mine was no exception. In other words, I wasn't allowed to get my own perfume and the closest I could get to one was the testers in drugstores or department stores.

Anyway, that being said, it was a dream come true when I finally got to purchase my first bottle of fragrance with my own pocket money at age 16. Since then, I started collecting perfumes and I own about 26 bottles today.

Anyway, I'd tell you guys more about my perfumes in future. As of now, I'd like to share with you my new bottle of fragrance from DKNY I've gotten about a week back, and have been wearing it ever since.

The new DKNY MYNY has gotta be my favourite fragrance of the month.

Powerfully unique. Irresistibly compelling. Spontaneously playful. Top: The sexiness of Raspberries and Galbanum spiked with accents of Pink Pepper Heart: The sensuality of Egyptian Jasmine wrapped with Freesia and roots of Orris Finish: The soulfulness of Patchouli Heart LMR, Vanilla Absolute and Musk, laced with vibrant Ambergris.

Not only do I collect perfumes for their various scents, I am usually captivated by the uniqueness of their individual packaging as well. The DKNY MYNY obviously got my eyes glued to its enthralling design which suggests the skyscrapers of New York. The scent however, made me step out of my comfort zone for the first time.

I'm usually into sweet-smelling fragrances, be it fruity or flowery scents and the DKNY MYNY doesn't really belong to any of these two AT FIRST. What do I mean...?

It is a rather uplifting, energizing scent because of its top notes such as fresh raspberry and white musk. When I first sprayed it on and allowed it to sit on my wrist, the top notes settled in and I could smell a strong scent of Orris root among a deeper backdrop of vetiver and patchouli. Earth and spicy, I must say.

However, it wasn't long before I decided to give it a second sniff and realised that the scent has changed to blend in with my own body odour. Such perfumes take on a life of its own and create a unique mark of identity. In other words, they give off a different smell when used on different people.

As my body temperature rose throughout the wearing, the scent became warmer with it, and I could really smell the beauty of the vetiver in the dry-down, but all the top and middle notes became a lot more subtle, but created a warm, musky smell.

Since then, not only have I fell in love with it, I've been receiving great responses from my friends as well; with them asking which perfume I was using, where I could get it etc.

DKNY MYNY comes with a woodier scent. Heavy patchouli with pleasant undertones of fruits and flowers. Does smell rather masculine at first, but slowly fades away into a sweet-smelling scent of heaven... :D

Verdict? I love it!

Some tips on where I usually spray my perfume and how to make them last throughout the day:
  • WristsNeck (Under-ear area where your pulse it) and right in the middle.
  • Your cubital fossa and popliteal fossa.
  • Apply some of the DKNY MYNY’s body lotion before spraying on their perfume.
That should at least last you about 6-8 hours if you don't carry out any vigorous activities.

Just in case you were wondering, the fragrance is already in stores, islandwide at leading department stores (Metro Paragon, Robinsons JEM, Robinsons Orchard, Robinsons Raffles City, Takashimaya, Tangs Orchard & Tangs VivoCity) and selected perfumeries (SaSa Cosmetics & others)

Anyway, because of how sophisticated and energetic this scent is, I love wearing it on days where my outfit's a little more on the dark/black side!

The collection will be retailing at the following prices:

 DKNY MYNY Eau de Parfum 100ml SGD 133
DKNY MYNY Eau de Parfum 50ml SGD 99
 DKNY MYNY Body Lotion 150ml SGD 63
 DKNY MYNY Shower Gel 150ml SGD 49

Any fans of Rita Ora?! Cos she's chosen as the scent's face due to her similar, energetic character and because of how much she connects to New york.

Visit DKNY MYNY to create your DKNY MYNY heart and be part of it!

Do drop by the atriums to have a taste of DKNY MYNY that will be happening at these locations:
  • 15 to 31 Aug’14 – Robinsons JEM Promo Area
  • 15 to 21 Aug’14 – Robinsons Orchard Promo Area
  • 18 to 24 Aug’14 – Robinsons Raffles City Water Court
  • 28 Aug’14 to 3 Sep’14 – Taka 2BB
  • 29 Aug’14 to 4 Sep’14 – Tangs Orchard Entrance
  • 10 to 14 Sep’14 – Tangs Vivo City Centre Court B
 Anyway, that's all for today's post! Do comment and let me know what's your current favourite fragrance, of if you've tried this out, what are your thoughts on it! :)