Lipcolor balms are my new favourite!

As promised from my last review on drugstore products, here are some of my favourite lip balms I got from Silkygirl lately!

If there's one drugstore makeup I've been using for the longest time, it has gotta be Silkygirl. My best friend used to rave about their products which was how I got introduced to these bunch of cheap and good stuff. Tried their blushers, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, mascara previously and I've been particularly loving their eyeliners and eyebrow pencils as you can see from most of my makeup stash. Hence, I couldn't resist trying out their new Moisture boost lipcolor balms the moment I gotta know about them too!

Once in awhile, I get cracked-lips from the oral isotretinoin I consume for my skin and it takes up an unnecessary amount of time to exfoliate my lips and put on some vaseline right before I apply lipstick most of the time. These two extra steps can be quite a hassle on days where I'm in a rush. Also, lipsticks can be a little too overwhelming sometimes, especially on those days where I have slightly heavier eye makeup on.

Which is why I decided to share with you my new favourite - Lipcolor balms!!!

With its sophisticated, sleek and retractable packaging, the Silkygirl's Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balms definitely captivated my attention from afar.

Pacing back and fro, I had a really hard time deciding which colour to go for, among the variety of choices. After a couple of minutes, Rose, Ruby and Poppy were the ones I selected. Definitely a range of fun colours suitable for everyday-wear.

Here are the swatches of the three colours I picked.

With the benefits of a lip balm, not only does it contain Vitamins A, C and E and moisturises my lips, it has excellent colour payoff and doesn't wear off easily.

With sufficient amount of the lipcolour, you'd probably only have to touch up once throughout the day. Another reason to love these crayon-like lip balms is because of how precise they are. Not to mention, since it's rather sheer and creamy, I can easily glide it over my lips without a mirror unlike how it's a must to check out the reflection when I apply lipsticks, due to how prominent the colours are.

Most lip balms give off a waxy, sticky texture after application, which to a certain extent, feels uncomfortable to me. However, when it comes to the Silkygirl's Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm that feeling would dissipate after a few seconds as it melts into my lips.

Twist to use, like how it works for any usual lipstick! In other words, no sharpening required.

My favourite colour has gotta be Rose since it goes really well with my current hair colour, and it's definitely something I'd wear in the day. I'd also pop Ruby into my bag if I decide to switch it up a little when it comes to night time.

Last but not least, they comes with a 4-No formula: No fragrance, No paraben, No carmine, No animal testing unlike many other lip products. Yet another few reasons to have this.

I would say it's something I'd have as part of my makeup routine, even on days when I'm lazy to put on much makeup, this would come in handy just to give my face a pop of colour.

It's retailing at Pharmacuetical outlets such as Watsons, Guardian and departmental stores at the price of $11.90 only!

Makes me happy when I get such a great bargain :p Feel free to comment and share with me your thoughts on the Silkygirl's Moisture Boost Lipcolor Balm if you've tried them too! :)

You may also participate in the #boostofcolor contest and stand a chance to win a SilkyGirl hamper worth $100! All you have to do is to post a picture of your lips on Instagram and hashtag #boostofcolor! Contest ends on the 7th Sept and the 3 winners will be announced via @Gushcloud_SGInstagram. All the best!