I probably don't need a wallet.

For those of you who don't know, I'm a HUGE shopaholic, and my hard-earned money vanishes into thin air at the speed of light. Most of my money are either spent on clothes, otherwise cab. I take a cab at least twice a day and that's why the cash in my pocket runs out really quickly. And now that school has started, the nearest ATM from my school requires quite a bit of a walk... Even worse.

Every single day we’re spending money, buying this, paying that. Ever had a long queue waiting behind you while you dig for loose change at a convenience store? Or forget to bring your wallet out and have to walk back in the scorching sun just to get it? It happens so often for me cause I’m really forgetful.

So I know I’m a little little slow, but I recently heard of this new app called Dash. Since taking a cab is a norm for me, it also came to my mind that I’ve been seeing the Dash sign on nearly every cab I hopped on the past few weeks. I’ve also seen the same sign while shopping at places like Topshop, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and Watsons. They have those little tags on the counter with the Dash logo and a counter number. 

Furthermore, I overheard a lady queuing in front of me at Watsons that she wanted to pay by Dash. It got me a little curious as to what “paying by Dash” means. Anyway, few days ago, came my friend's experience with Dash. I was craving for Koi while accompanying my friend to run some errands during our 15min class break. We both didn’t have our wallets with us and my friend suggested she pay with Dash and I was shocked she knew about it too.

She happily shared with me how Dash works. I thought it was quite interesting how we could make cashless & cardless payments, even though I was pretty skeptical as usual as she went on and on about how she really likes it.

Basically after witnessing how it was being used, the concept of Dash is that you just need your phone to make transactions. Yeap, it's really as simple as it sounds.

I went online to do a little research and I found out that Dash is a new app by Singtel and Standard Chartered. The website states that Dash is an update to money and that us users can directly download cash into our phone.

Why Dash appealed to me is because I really LOVE having everything on my phone. From calendar events to photo filters, I practically have everything stored in this little device of mine.

I also really hate having a super heavy wallet cause of all the loose change I get when buying food in school. And the hassle of going to an ATM which is so inaccessible from school.

Now, I can throw these worries aside and just whip out my phone every time I need to pay for my cab ride, shopping or food.

It's actually quite amazing how far technology has come; perhaps soon our wallets are not even needed. Haha.

Don’t you guys also hate it when your friend borrows money from you and think it's okay to keep using the same excuses to not return it? Especially the most common "reason" like, "Oh I don't have cash with me now." It really gets on my nerves, but now I can just get them to swipe the money back to me with Dash. Sucks to be you. :p

Anyway, I haven't really tried out the entire app yet and I would love to soon. I've just signed up for it a couple of weeks back and to my surprise, I received a $10 credit for FREE, which I thought was rather a good strategy to get us kiasu Singaporeans to sign up. Free stuff, why not? Can buy two cups of Koi or a few necessities from Watsons lol. Cheapskate max.

Kinda excited to try it out over the weekends cause my wardrobe seriously #needsanupdate. I NEED NEW CLOTHES!!!

If you guys are interested in finding out more about Dash, or sign up to get your $10 credited for FREE, 


Do leave a comment if you have tried Dash and let me know how you like it! 

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