The other day at Dancing Crab

I hope this post isn't gonna disappoint most of you, if you were looking for an essay-long review on Dancing Crab, I'm sorry!!! I'm just gonna briefly talk about it and end off with some pictures!

Visited that place about a week or two ago, with Jianhao, NOC and a few others to try out the food. However, I guess it was my loss as my appetite wasn't at its best performance that day, and therefore I only had a small bite of everything... Mainly the fries and ice cream at the end of dinner

90% of the time, I was just busy taking random photos and didn't exactly manage to savour every moment. Despite having only a countable amount of bites, the taste from every dish I had lingered for a bit, and that's pretty commendable. My favourite were the extremely juicy and sweet prawns!!!

What I found really amusing was how plates weren't served, and all the food has to either be strewn on the table or consumed directly from the pot. Smart move Dancing Crab, saves you the trouble from washing the dishes! :p

As far as I know, they've quite a decent variety of sauces to go with the seafood, from extremely spicy to non spicy. To your own preference!

From this tiny experience, I can still safely assure you that this pleasant restaurant, with a welcoming ambience, is somewhere you should visit at least once! Great to hang out on a weekday evening, or even in the afternoon, and especially if you wish to avoid the busy crowd in town!

Prices are surprisingly affordable for such fresh, yummy seafood, and perfect to hang out with your friends or family in large numbers!

Would love to revisit Dancing Crab to give it a "real" try some time soon.

Address: The Grandstand 200 Turf Club Road (Old Turf Club in Bt. Timah)
#01-20/21 Singapore 287994
Tel: +65 6466 3303
Opening hours: Tuesdays to Fridays and Eves of Public Holidays - 5pm to 10.30pm
Saturdays to Sundays and Public Holidays - 11.30am to 3pm - 5pm to 10.30pm
Mondays - Closed