Journey to Perth (Day 9)

Still in Perth, coming back this coming Monday... A deep sense of melancholy fills up my entire soul at the thought of it. I miss home, I miss my family, but I enjoy how lighthearted I feel when I'm here. No worries, no pain. Thinking about it, back in S'pore, I go on whatsapp at an average of at least 20 times a day. Here? Probably less than 5 lol. Guilt-stricken. I hardly even reply my messages in S'pore, I don't even reply them when I'm away :p

Oh well, all good things have to come to an end, at least I'm happy to say that it's not the end of my school-break when I'm home.

Dan and Charis went back yesterday, cos Dan had some urgent matters to attend to, while J and I stayed on. Did some shopping before I suddenly felt like I was turning into a block of ice. Terrible migraine, and my whole body felt like I just ran a hundred rounds round the track. I knew something was wrong. Headed home and realised I was down with fever, and so I turned in really early.

Nothing happened much the last two days, and we didn't really take any pictures... So I thought it wasn't necessary to update this space for the sake of doing so.


Went to skate in the vicinity of where we live, while J cycled with me, followed by a pre-birthday dinner at a nearby restaurant in the evening before we took a walk back under the stars.

I've already said most of the things I wanted, to you personally, as for something I want everyone reading this to know...

You're probably the best living thing I've ever met in my entire life. Hahaha living thing. so much for being the best.

I've known you for nearly 2 years now, but becoming close to you over the past 6 months actually brought me to the next stage of my life. I felt like I grew so much knowing you. You made me realise how the boys who used to broke my heart don't matter anymore, and everyone around me could tell that I'm a much happier person around you. Gone were the days where I felt like my life's trapped in a deep, dark hole where I only had myself.

You're a really nice guy. Very responsible, honest and extremely caring towards me. Oh, and I can't deny that you do have a sense of humour even though I always say that you're lame. (But also the most annoying, mean, rude, silly, disgusting person I've ever encountered. Hehehe. Don't kill me! I still love you!)

You grew so much as well, in terms of your career. Watching you grow from approx 5000 subscribers, to nearly 200,000 now, being the 4th Youtuber in S'pore, and the 1st as an individual. 

I'm really happy for you. I'd love to continue being a part of this journey with you, and hopefully, 5 years from now... The only thing that changes is that we are both millionaires... KIDDING. Haha, I don't know where this is going, I just wish that you'll always stick to your roots, and be happy, be really really happy. 

You're probably one of the most hardworking online personal I've met so far, and you deserve every single bit of what you have. You earned it. All the best in whatever you do dear.

About an hour to go! Happy 21st Birthday in advance. 

Thank you for spending it with me this year.