Is it so hard to be honest? 

I'm not saying all guys are the same, but after all the encounters my girl friends and I have faced, sometimes it comes across to me that majority are. They'd rather lie than to be honest, because they either fear the repercussions of telling the truth, or think that they can get away with it. Hell no, she's gonna find out some how, some day. Trust me.

So what if you have it all covered now? Have you thought of how it's gonna be when she finds out the truth herself?

Telling a lie is like forming a snowball. The longer you take to find the guts to be truthful, you tend to cover one up with another, and by the time you realise it, it's too late.

Of course not only do guys lie. Everyone lies at some point of their lives, it's inevitable. However, there's a difference between lying to keep someone safe, and lying to protect yourself but to hurt someone else instead.

Small lies are still lies, it may mean nothing to you, but it may mean the world to another. 

If someone can allow themselves to lie to you once, they'll think it's fine to do it twice.

Double lies are the worst. You know when you already know every bit of the truth, but just wish to give this person an opportunity to redeem themselves, and they choose to lie to you again?

Forgiving is usually easy, it's the process of trying to forget that's a pain in the ass.

Imagine trusting someone with all your heart, and having the faith in them that they'll always stay true to you... It literally breaks your heart to find out that's only what you think. 

How are you to believe in them again? Giving someone a second chance is like putting yourself in jeopardy, and risking getting your heart broken again. 

What's the point of asking if I'm okay, what's the point of saying you're sorry? Are you apologising for what you've done, or are you just sorry that you're busted?

How am I supposed to do it? 

Human beings are cruely selfish, aren't we?