DIY dye! (L'Oréal Paris)

Hey guys! Have you all watched my new video? If you've yet to, you should now!!!

As you can see, I had a really great time experimenting the new L'Oréal Paris' hair dye in Sapphire Black a few weeks back. Yeah, so if you were wondering what was with the sudden and random idea...

I received some products from L'Oréal Paris, and I just had to call Freda up when I saw the black dye in the paper bag!!! (Recalling how she was ranting to me about wanting to dye her hair black, but the dye she got was so bad that the colour washed out in a week or something.)

Which, led to how the idea of doing this video came about. 

Besides doing her a favour, I can take this chance to film something different. Why not? Kill two birds with one stone.

Just some information on the colour that y'all might wanna know...

Black hair is one of the most common hair colors in the world, but how often do you see black hair around with all the crazy colours available these days? 

However, Sapphire black is actually back in the trend this month! Time to kiss all the cray, ombre hair colours away and embrace the new black! 

Some celebrities with beautiful raven locks like Katy Perry, Dita Von Teese or Freida Pinto. Of course, unlike the usual black hair... The difference with this is that it has a twist in a totally spectacular way.

The L’Oréal Paris Excellence Fashion in 1.10 Sapphire Black (Newest addition to the Excellence Fashion range) also miraculously helps to repair the damage done by numerous bleaching and coloring jobs, with its intensely hydrating triple-care formula, hair will be colored and protected at the same time.

So I got her over to my place and that's how it all started!




Here's what's included in the box of dye.

Her hair colour before I dyed it... I mean, just look at how brown it was even after attempting to have it dyed. 

Had so much fun even though I was doing the work.

Thank god for the comb applicator, which made things so much easier! You just have to brush through your hair like how you'd normally use a regular comb.

Finally finished the entire head!

Left it on for about 15-20mins before she went to wash out the colour... Did you guys notice that Fred's hair is blue not black...?

Haha, guess what! That's exactly the reason behind why it's named "Sapphire black," because it gives off a bluish-black finish instead of the usual, monotonous black.

Notice how the black hair shine from every angle, actually creates more dimension than the usual highlights can do?

I read up on the product and found out that they've infused crushed pearl pigments to create shine as well as blue tones in the color pigments to create multidimensionality.

1. Hi-Shine Complex: For spectacular brilliance and shine
2. Hi-Intensity Pigments: For rich and intense color
3. Triple-Care Formula (Micro-Cera Essence + Amino Acid + Collagen): To protect, strengthen & nourish hair while coloring so hair stays strong & silky-soft

I was actually pretty tempted to had mine dyed into the same colour too, after it was done on Fred.

I really love how it feels like this colour could garner even more attention in the room compared to all the ordinary funky hair colours now. 

Fred was totally the owner of beautiful, glossy hair! I was actually taken aback by how her hair texture felt silkier and softer than before. Even though her hair was already soft as feathers.

Who knew dyeing your hair now could give you healthier looking hair?

Besides, one of the best things about going black, is how you don't have to be afraid to let your roots show, (of course, unless you were born with natural brown or blonde hair.)

Above that, the unique formula efficiently covers any pesky grey strands, providing optimal grey coverage.

If you're interested in getting your very own box, it will be available from October 2013 onwards at Watsons, Guardian, FairPrice, all other major supermarkets/hypermarkets and selected departmental stores. 

Some other colors they came up with include P46 Intense Ruby Red, P56 Intense Violet Red, P66 Intense Spicy Red, P64 Intense Copper Red, 5.62 Intense Violet Brown, 6.35 Intense Copper Brown, 6.13 Golden Nude Brown and 5.13 Ashy Nude Brown.

NOT TO MENTION, it's just $18.90!!! Hehe, so much cheaper compared to getting it done at a salon isn't it?

But that's not the end! A discount will be given for the month of October, and the hair dye will be priced at $15.90 only! *Grins*

Who said being natural would be boring? This will reinforce your innate sense of self-worth. And as cheesy as it sounds, it's because you're worth it! ;)

Anyway, I mentioned in the video that I'll update you guys on how the colour would turn out... And I just met Fred a few days ago. Surprisingly, it's still as dark as before. Super amazed.

I'm personally a big fan of black hair, just that I get bored of things too quickly... Nevertheless, I might still consider getting mine done as soon as I get bored of my current hair colour.

Alright, have fun! Till next time.