SNUPPED / The Book Cafe

I always hated carrying my laptop in a casing. For one very good reason, I have never came across any laptop cases that caught my attention. Or maybe it's because, I didn't really paid much attention to them as well.

Therefore, if you actually pay close attention to my macbook, there's actually a dent right at the opening due to my carelessness. What's new?

Moral of the story:
1) Find a nice-looking case. 
2) Don't be a dodo cheapo, scrooge.

I mean, I never thought I would've ever invested in one, because of how expensive the nicer ones are. (Note that I said nicer, because there hasn't been one that's really unique to make me wanna buy it.)

If you're just like me - Been a miser when it comes to this your entire life, just because you haven't been able to find a casing that's worth its price...

You'll be so grateful, because I'm gonna be introducing SNUPPED to all of you today (If you don't already know who they are)

Since 2008 - "Born after Bryan and Darcy tore down a curtain and made it into a laptop sleeve. Today, we work with designers and artists to help transform their creative works into simple, fun, usable lifestyle products."

Too hipster for their pre-made designs? You can customize your own too!

Ahhhhh, I couldn't describe how elated I was to receive these babies! So much that I used my fav one the following day, upon receiving them.

Nope, I didn't bring two laptop cases! SNUPPED actually allows you to customize your casing with a different design on each side.

"If you're bored of flaunting one side to the world? Just flip it over!" Quoted by the awesome, ME.

Best part? Unlike how most casings only look good on the outside, you can also choose to have the inside customized as well.

Sidetrack - Love how both sides are cushioned. People with butterfingers like me, really need that.

I wanted to submit my own design, but I was too lazy... So I ended up settling for the pre-made ones. And since the first one was a little more edgy, I thought I go for the complete opposite for my second piece, to match different outfits.

My eyes really lit up, the moment I got my items, as I was so delighted. Got them in no time after I sent in my orders.

Here are the steps on how to get your own!

It's not only for laptops! They've so many other options!

Just 4 simple steps, including payment! 

They also have a look book where you can be inspired by the different designs, and ways people carry their very own SNUPPED product. 

Check them out @

Anyway, headed to The Book Cafe after school yesterday with my babe. 

Searched it up online awhile ago, and I've been dying to visit it because of the countless number of good reviews I've read about this place.

And I'm pleased to say that my first visit didn't fail on me!

Greeting us with its fresh aroma of Coffee and bakery, we soon found a spot and settled in. Since it was in the afternoon, we didn't have much of a problem looking for an empty seat. However, after settling down... 

We decided the sofa chairs located on the other side of the restaurant were more appealing, and would probably do our butts more justice if we were planning on staying there for long.

Did my work while Trix waited patiently for me, as we sat there for hours.

Even though we had both of our tummies filled with a bunch of nonsense before we went there, we couldn't resist to browse through the menu that was set before us. Spotted the Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon and Rosti Potato in no time... Knew we had to get it despite how full we were. Really glutton, but we couldn't resist!!!

It would've been such a waste if we didn't get to try at least a dish after making our way there.

Well, it was definitely worth a bulging stomach! Look at those irresistible eggs!

Would say that out of all the poached eggs I've tried so far, these have got to be the best. Hands down.

I assume it's a little hard to get there cos I didn't notice any bus stops nearby, but if you take a cab down from town, it'll cost you less than 5 bucks

Address: #01-02, 20 Martin Road S(239070), Seng Kee Building, Robertson Quay
Phone: 6887 5430
Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday:
8:30am to 10:30pm
(Last order at 10pm)

Friday & Saturday:
8:30am to 12:30 midnight
(Last order at midnight)