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It's finally Friday! The day I hate and love the most. Hate it because I have school from 9am-6pm, but love it because it's the end of an exhausting week!!! 

So I'm blogging now since I've some time to spare before we've another round of GC weekends!!! Yeap, which explains all the alien-ish stuff behind us in the following pictures with my gay boys (kidding.)

Anyway, let me share with you my tragic story that just took place a couple of minutes ago. Thought I'd take two buses and get here directly from school due to my extremely bad habit of being lazy... Ended up taking the wrong bus and was stranded at some foreign part of this small island for 15mins. NOT TO MENTION how DARK that place was. Lets take a moment to sympathise the poor me.

Should've taken a cab instead.

And there was a guy who (I think) suffered from some illness which appeared to me like schizophrenia??? I'm not too sure about that, couldn't diagnose it with my naked eyes and unfit-to-be-a-doctor-mind. But well my point is, everyone was avoiding him, like no one wanted to sit next to him.

Not that I did, but my mind drifted off for awhile as I thought of how fortunate my life actually is, and I should be contented with it. I mean, it's really cruel how this world can be sometimes, but there's really nothing we can do about it.

People like him didn't choose to be this way, but are still being ostracised... Isn't it sad?

Okay, enough of all these cheesiness.

Gotta go off now!!! Will blog more about today in my next post! You can continue reading on for my review on Sassydreams! ;)




Wanted to skip the part on the introduction since it isn't the first time I'm reviewing Sassydream, but just for the benefit of those who have never seen any of my past reviews previously, here's a bit about them...

Personally, what I love most about them is that they've tons of items to choose from; varying from girly-girl to edgy-chic. I actually die a little inside each time I visit an online store that only sells a couple of items, which limits the amount of choices I have.

You know how once all the pretty stuff are sold out, it leaves you with nothing? Besides, it's a good thing how they've a variety of styles to cater to different people.

And I'd say that their things are rather inexpensive. 

Pretty + affordable!

So anyway, I picked two dresses from them this time and I was really happy upon unwrapping my parcel!!!

The first one's this white skater dress in polka dot prints.

Due to my petite size, I have always found it difficult to shop online because the dresses would usually end up being too long or to big, which disappoints me so bad. However, vice versa - I feel so happy whenever I buy one that fits me perfectly well, just like this one!!!

You could pair this dress up with an outerwear, (Blazer/denim or leather jacket/parka etc. It actually goes well with majority since it's white in colour) if you find it to simple on its own.

I chose to wear it on its own because I felt like my accessories could already do the job of enhancing the look.

Thanks to @JulianTayTM for the beautiful pictures. 
Taken at Marina Barrage and Gardens by The Bay.

Next is this blue crochet dress! Besides it being one of my favourite colours, the best part about this is that it's stretchable! So you don't have to worry if you've a bulging stomach from a full-set McDonalds meal.

I'm in love with the details and how it's off-shoulder and has a flare bottom! 

So anyway, the new collection has just launched at 12pm today! You don't wanna miss out all the good stuff, so hurry!!! :)

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