SHINE 2013

Made my way to *SCAPE last Saturday evening to catch a spectacular series of events lined up by SHINE. As mentioned in my previous post, this year's theme is #FreeYourYou which is basically trying to convey the message to all youths to set themselves free and showcase their talents.

Some selfies before heading out, cos the lighting outside my house was doing my skin some justice :p

Was overwhelmed by the massive number of people present! I'm not even kidding when I say that I had to squeeze my way through the crowd. I mean just look at the following pics...

Was really amazed by the number of cosplayers who attended the COSMO youth parade at the SHINE Youth Festival. Really spontaneous and full of zeal! I probably wouldn't have that enthusiasm to dress up like how they did even if I was paid a crazy amount of cash.

Hence, I really admire their courage!

Some of the anime-drawing done by the youths. 

And there's us, posing for a picture hehe.

The Huckleberry Friend then came on stage to perform a few tunes!

Followed by another young talented local artist.

And finally, my fav act of the evening! The Sam Willows!

Rocking the stage once again with their melodic voices.

Anyway if you've missed out this event, don't worry bcos there are way more lined up just for you from now till the 28th of July!

Read my previous post to find out more about what SHINE youth festival is all about (here) or log on to for more info! ;)