Salon Vim

Finally got my ass down to SV after nearly 2 months of procrastination, since I last dyed my hair. Knowing how lazy I am, I believe you guys should know by now that I'd rather sleep than to spend time dolling myself up... Ok that's not entirely true. Hahahaha but to sum it up, I was basically really reluctant to do anything about my horrifyingly damaged hair. As you can see below...

My hair looked like a highly-potential bird's nest. I don't even understand how you blind people out there can still tell me how perf my hair looks and all. Are y'all patronising me or what plzzzz?!?!?!?!?!?

Whatever it is I finally felt motivated to treat my hair when Jaime (My hair stylist) informed me about the new Privy Caretrico Arimino treatment. 

It is really rich in moisture and what it does is that it nourishes and repairs the inner part of your hair.

Gentle Wash

Time to cleanse the "nest" first to get ready for the following step! 

I'm not really sure if I've ever mentioned this in my previous reviews before, but I'm a no.1 fan of the head massage!!! I never really liked getting massaged, but this is to die for. Love how therapeutic it is.

Enriched Serum

This serum which was being applied to my hair, contains Primrose Oil which helps to nourish your hair from inside to outside. Soft, feather-like hair!

Hold Cream

What happens here is that the hold cream, applied above the serum, helps to retain all the nutrients from the serum. Just in case if you were wondering what the UV light's for, it actually helps to speed up the process of the treatment.

The entire treatment lasted for less than an hour! I was so relived. Honestly, another reason why I haven't gone down for such a long time was also due to my really packed schedule and I was thankful it ended so quickly! Don't have to go through the whole butt-aching process. Which brings us back to the point on how convenient it is to just pop by any day to get purdy hair!

Getting my hair blown dry.

SWEE OR NOT?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

I mean my hair lah, not my face hahahaha. Let me show you guys another close-up shot!

I mean... after looking at the following "before N after" picture... the rest are just pretty self explanatory right? LOL.

Trust me that I didn't mess up my hair deliberately just to buy you into this! I swear that's just how bad the condition of my hair was. fml.

Some hair products that she gave me!!! Have been using them for 2 weeks now, really helps to improve the condition of my hair!

Not forgetting to feature my fav Mythic Oil! (can be used on dry/damp hair)

Love how it smoothed out my hair after I applied it and I love how it smells!

Once again, thank you Jaime!!!

If you're interested in getting any hair service done, you can head down to 

Salon Vim @ Bugis
235/235A Victoria Street Singapore 188027
Telephone: 68370073/68370045

Opening hours: Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm 
Sat: 10:30 am - 9:30 pm 
Sun: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

& Remember to look for Jaime and quote "Naomineo" to receive 10% off on normal days!

Not forgetting,

Salon Vim is now giving a 30% off on the Armino Privy and Redken Cocktail hair treatment only valid till the 1st of June! So hurry as it's open up to my first 100 readers only! So remember to quote my name too!