Food tasting

Have I ever told you guys that I'm actually a hugeeee fan of pizzas?! Ok I think I actually kinda revealed it unintentionally in my diet post the other time. Anyway I guess all of you are familiar of Pizza Hut right? (Duh Naomi, you don't say.)

Ok fine, stupid question. Movin' on.

Went for food tasting at Pizza Hut the other day with Rachel and a guy-whose-name-I-don't-know-of. I was so thrilled to be one of the first few to get my taste buds satisfied by the new Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza!!!

If you are blind enough not to realize what's so extraordinary or different about this pizza compared to the regular pizzas, Chicky Bites (kinda like popcorn chicken, but way tastier) are now added on as a new topping to intrigue your senses!

Above that, it comes with 3 delectable flavoured bites that you shouldn't miss!!! Parmesan, Chipotle & Sesame!

Let's not even get started with how palatable it tastes or how mouth-watering it looks... The smell itself is irresistible please?! It was just 12pm when I got there and I thought I wasn't hungry... I really thought I wasn't... UNTIL...

Lol, if I could share the smell of it on my blog, I would gladly do so! Too bad I can't, so you guys just have to tolerate a bit and don't start drooling on your keyboards.

WHOOOOOO ALL FOR ME. Nah just kidding. That much of pizza could make me pizza-sick and I'll prolly gain a whole ton of weight in the aftermath of all the cheese and carbs and... I honestly wish I could lose weight by eating all the tastiest food in the world.

Posing with my food. A bit fail though.

And if you have yet to try the chicken-ribs, you shouldn't even be alive!!!!!!!! Just grab a banana now and shoot yourself dead please. It's just so...

Sadly, it isn't available on the delivery site, they are only sold in stores!

My lychee green tea! Yum yum. *Licks my lips*

Ending this with a picture of Rach and I! :)

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