Update post 3

Headed down to MacPherson for dinner on the last day of cny with the Neo fam. Hahaha.

Pls bear with the minimal makeup on... I am only human and it's forgivable for human beings to get lazy. :p

Say hi to Momo and Dodo Neo.

Got too bored half way and decided to mess around with my lil cuz's hair. Her hair is so freakin smooth and silky?! Remembering those days of mine...

Right, so I've never ever celebrated V's day my entire life... Ok maybe I kinda did last year but I'd exclude that bcos it was pretty much just like an ordinary date.

Doesn't make this time round any special either, just went on a picnic date with L over at Sentosa... Not exactly to celebrate V's day but well since it fell on that day so I'll just blog about it anyways.

Right, so we were kinda dressed for the wrong occasion... The sudden downpour kinda took us by surprise. OKAY, maybe not exactly surprise since we did check the weather forecast hahahahahahaha.

We were just two young kids thinking that having a picnic in the rain was the coolest thing to do.... Not.

I know the food prepared by us doesn't look really appealing but I swear they tasted good as hell!!! Not self-praising, just... Haiya, fine a little bit since it was kind of the first time I got down to the kitchen. Lol

This guy hasn't eaten for years, as you can see.

I don't know exactly when I took the next few pictures but I'll just include them anyways since it's my last update post for the month of Feb! 

Gonna blog about my green hair soon!!!

Signing off,

Hahaha I just had to do that, too much of PLL.